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Pictures! Completely unmotivated pictures!
There really is no rhyme or reason here--just some pictures I've taken recently but didn't get around to posting.

First, my latest (and probably last, at least until I venture into the high-end territory of yellow-eye and no-nose) Sasha acquisitions: Anika and baby Simon, from the later Goetz production. All my other Sashas are Trendons, and I've always been partial to the Trendon vinyl color and face painting, but this is as pretty a pair as I could hope to find.

Lyon, just because:

Saiki-boy, in a wig and a pair of eyes that I had been planning to sell until he latched onto them:

And one more to grow on:

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Oooh, the Saiki boy is definitely an intense gazer, isn't he? I feel like he's trying to figure out what color underwear I'm wearing! O: ......>D

And Lyon is beautiful, but the picture amuses me because Kin has that same flowered shirt! Cute! X3

I just love that Luts flowered shirt! Cute is the only possible word for it, lol.

And my general feeling about Saiki-boy is that, once he's figured out what color underwear someone is wearing, he automatically views it with contempt and disgust. Or at least intense boredom. ;-)

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