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Pictures! Completely unmotivated pictures!
There really is no rhyme or reason here--just some pictures I've taken recently but didn't get around to posting.

First, my latest (and probably last, at least until I venture into the high-end territory of yellow-eye and no-nose) Sasha acquisitions: Anika and baby Simon, from the later Goetz production. All my other Sashas are Trendons, and I've always been partial to the Trendon vinyl color and face painting, but this is as pretty a pair as I could hope to find.

Lyon, just because:

Saiki-boy, in a wig and a pair of eyes that I had been planning to sell until he latched onto them:

And one more to grow on:

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Lyon is serenely lovely as always, but that Saiki boy just pins me to the wall with that gaze.

LOVE the Sashas....The earlier dolls do have their charm, but these two are just beautiful!
I miss the store.

I can make Saiki-boy look a little less intense with darker eyes (I'm really liking a pair of ED #15s that I bought on DoA), but only a little . . . I still need to get him together with Sejong, and have an arrogance contest. ;-)

I've been jonesing for a brunette Sasha for quite a while now, and thought it would be fun to have one of the lighter late Goetz ones--and I got a lovely deal on Anika and Simon from a Sasha person who wanted them to stay together. Yay whee! (I was almost shocked at how rosy-cheeked baby Simon is, when I opened the tube: except for the outfit, he could have come straight from a Rubens portrait.)

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