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No, see, he CAN look angelic!
Sasha Blaze

And, confess, American LJers: who went out shopping this morning? I did, but for prosaic reasons: Penney's had a huge earlybird sale on bed pillows and bras, both of which I needed in the worst way. Since everyone in town was heading to Topeka, Wichita, or Kansas City for the real malls, I was able to get in, grab my loot, and be home inside of half an hour. *doing the dance of Black Friday triumph*

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Yeah...definitely like those eyes in him!

That is a really cool picture.

I don't do Black Friday...not since I quit working at the bookstore. *shudder*

urrrrrrrr, my only retail job was at a very local drugstore when I was in high school . . . I do shudder to think of what checkout clerks all over America are going through today.

Oh, please, don't do this to me ... I am falling hard ... too hard. And an artist's head. Oh gaawwwwd. Maelstrom cusps are so difficult to ride.

But I'm sorry. This is not an angelic gaze. It is merely a quiet moment of reflection and contemplation of further witherings. At least that's how it appears from this chair through these eyes.

I am so not a shopper no matter what the day that braving Black Friday doesn't even cross my radar. However, for totally non-shopping reasons, I may find myself dealing. What a parent can be talked into doing for love of child.

Um, C ... I've tried nifty and it's still difficult. I hate to be copy-cattish or leachy, but is this a head that is actually available for purchase? Or is it profoundly limited/totally unavailable? If you'd like, we could carry this on via e ... lisa(dot)davis(at)gmail(dot)com.

E-mailing you RIGHT NOW! Because it's my goal to blanket North America with these heads, and make Minawa-san rich & famous, heh. Short version: the head is absolutely available for purchase, and Celga (the shopping service I use) found it easy-peasy to do the transaction. Details to follow . . .

I will be going out shortly... I just want to go to joann's and see if the Icing has a sale. Everyone here is apparently in Topeka too, because the town is pretty calm. And damn it I have to go to Wal-mart to get chickens. :P

Multiple chickens?

I am having a mad vision of you with a crate of peeping, black-eyed little fluffballs . . . *shaking head HARD* XD

What a beautiful picture!

You went to the mall? The mall?! Today? I haven't even left the house, so afear't am I of the shoppers. Sounds like you have skills, though, half an hour? Wow.

I live in a very, very small town with a very, very small mall--that's my secret! Since all the serious shoppers head out of town well before daylight on the day after Thanksgiving, it's actually possible to buy some stuff here.

I was really taken aback to see a twenty-person line in front of Hastings as I left the mall this morning, though. Like, WTF? In *Emporia*? I still wonder what they were after. Wii, maybe?

Beautiful boy and the photo is so very nice!! ^___^

I totally avoided the black Friday shopping . . . heh, . . . excitingly, we did yard work. *laughs*

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