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A Regency tale, more or less
Sasha Blaze
Once upon a time--a time very like the 1820s, come to think of it--there lived a handsome family in a quiet English village. The Lee family were quite important in the village, and extremely well-to-do; Papa was a J.P., Mamma kept the servants in order, the sons went to Good Schools, and the daughters had a highly-qualified governess (whom they hardly ever tormented).

But the elder daughter, who should by rights have been as happy as a princess in a fairy tale, was discontented.

Miss Lee (as strangers properly referred to her) could not help feeling that life was distinctly unfair.

The family could not help feeling that, if she would only brush her hair and wear shoes rather than walking barefoot in the grass like a savage, dear Mary might be somewhat easier to live with.

Miss Lee's sister--her younger sister--Miss Claudine was engaged to a rich and charming young nabob, just returned to England from India. And if some of the aunts gossiped that Mr. Fitzhugh Flynn was nothing but a jumped-up bog Irishman, well, the presents of pearls and jewels and cashmere shawls that Mr. Flynn brought back from India stopped their talk soon enough.

Miss Lee did not want Mr. Flynn for herself, not at all. She thought his conversation insipid, and she suspected him of never having read Lord Byron. Moreover, in her heart, she truly wished her sister nothing but happiness. Still, Miss Lee could not help feeling that Claudine deserved to be slapped, just once, for her intolerable smugness. And for her well-behaved hair.

Miss Lee considered it particularly unfair that her youngest brother Philip (affectionately nicknamed Sparrow) was never scolded for his unruly hair.

"'Tisn't my fault that I'm Mamma's favourite," Sparrow said, then ran away very quickly before his sister could slap him.

Miss Lee thought rebellious thoughts about running away to be a spy, like her black-sheep cousin James. On the other hand, James was rumoured to be in prison, somewhere in Portugal, and that, Miss Lee reflected, could hardly be pleasant.

Miss Lee thought other rebellious thoughts about adopting radical politics and becoming a glamorous and notorious figure on the Continent, like her great-uncle Edward. On the other hand, Great-Uncle Edward had been guillotined in France during the Terror, and that, Miss Lee reflected, must have been quite unpleasant indeed.

All in all, Miss Lee decided, she was wholly at her wits' end. She took longer and longer walks in the grass without her shoes, and her hair became wilder by the month.

The aunts pressed copies of Miss Austen's novel Sense and Sensibility upon her. Miss Lee announced at dinner that she found Elinor excessively dull and correct, which was not the lesson that the aunts had intended her to learn.

"If this were only 1860," Miss Lee said to herself, "I might move to London, and change my name to Fanny Cornforth, and become a famous artist's model."

But, alas, Miss Lee's hair would not become fashionable for another forty years.

to be continued . . . or possibly not . . .

Yes, you guessed it: this non-story with its non-punchline was a very thin pretext for posting a lot of virtually identical pretty pictures of Mally Lee. Her outfit is by Val Zeitler; both Mally's and Claudine's lovely new necklaces are by our very own the_impassive, d.b.a. Resin Ragdoll; Flynn's Regency-dandy suit is by just*shining; Claudine's Regency dress is by someone on eBay whose name I should remember but can't. Am I missing any clothing credits? Oh, that's right: Cousin James's ruffled shirt, inherited from Great-Uncle Edward by roundabout ways, is by A-Life Garden.
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I love your picture stories. ^_^ Mally is so so lovely!

Very much wonderful! And Val's outfit is just...awesome!

Sssshhhhh--that Val outfit really belongs to Claudine. I'm not sure how long Mally can get away with wearing it before Claudine starts throwing a fit . . .

that's a great story. XD I love all the clothes, they're all so elegant. *w*

I kinda had to stop right there, because I don't have any Regencyish clothes for Atsumori. Gotta think of some kind of fakery . . . because of course he's the next character to be introduced, lol.

Aww, the story was really very cute, and an excellent way to work in loads of nearly-identical, but nonetheless, absolutely stunning photos. ♥

Awwwww, you noticed the nearly-identicalness! Shoot.

ROFL! Thank you kindly, ma'am . . .

(Deleted comment)
Flynn would wave back, but Claudine has a death-grip on his waving arm. I don't *think* he's looking desperate yet, but I'm on the watch for signs of distress . . . ;-)

I was lucky enough to get this outfit from Val a couple of years ago--I just love it! It's adorable and demure on Claudine, and, well, a little snug on Mally Lee's very different body type.

And Mally is a Bella Auden, or used to be, before Evenstar got hold of her raw materials. The nose is the only thing that I think still looks like a Bella; isn't it amazing, what a faceup will do to change a doll?

This is really beautiful, and now you've got me hooked, so you've got to finish the story...;)

Awwwwwwwww, thanks! I'm not actually sure there *is* a finish, but if I can wrangle some appropriate clothes for Atsumori, I'll try to cook up some goofy thing or other.

Fantastic! I love it! Especially the prison photo. XD Okay, all of the photos.

I had so much fun with that prison photoshoot last spring--I need to play with my birdcage more often! Lyon looks soooooooo bored . . .

Brilliant story, I laughed so much, especially at Claudine's smugness!!
Mally Lee does look gorgeous in that outfit, the aqua colour is great with her eyes.
And yes, you have to continue the story.....^_^

I always swear I won't make Claudine smug this time, I won't-I won't-I won't, but--those eyebrows defeat me every time. ^_^ Flynn takes very nicely to fancy dress, doesn't he?

Mally's eyes here are Hands #400 in aqua (quick advert, hee); I adore threaded eyes, and these have enough threading even for me!

I think I like the less over the more in this! What incredible atmosphere in those images ... dripping! And I'm quite certain Mally Lee has never looked more lovely.

I'm so glad I had the idea of trying Claudine's Val-outfit on Mally--everything sprang from the sweet disorder in the dress (plus some good luck with autumn afternoon light). This wig is rapidly becoming one of Mally's three defaults (her original black one and the short "raccoon" fur one being the other two); it just looks *right* on her, rather than looking like oh, another wig experiment.

She is so easy to photograph! "Model" is absolutely right.

They're all lovely, and I'm totally hooked on the story. I think you missed a great opportunity with regard to the Beheading of Edward, though, teehee.

The necklaces look great, I'm so happy! The outfits... ow. Love. And Miss Lee is one of my favorite creatures around, I'm just plain obsessed with her.

Sadly, the SFX of the guillotine scene defeated me. *adding ketchup to the grocery list*

I want to swap necklaces on the girls, too--I think the tassel on Priss will work beautifully with Mally's cleavage, heh. And I was surprised by how many Regencyish outfits I could cobble together when I put my mind to it. I have a truly frightening collection of BJD clothes, eep. ;-)

The lighting in the pics was beautiful.
Miss Lee is way ahead of her time!

Doesn't she look *exactly* like a Pre-Raphaelite model? She has the glare and the pout and the wild frizzy hair . . . I don't know why I didn't see it before!

I do love the light I get in my living room, after two or three p.m. I have south-facing windows across most of one wall--that's one of the things that sold me on the house when I moved here.

"And for her well-behaved hair."

I love Mally's outlook on life.

And the black sheep cousin is SMOULDERING!

Poor Mally. So much energy and no outlet for it . . .

I was kinda pleased with the idea of Cousin James, heh. Stolen from somebody else's book, of course, as the whole dadblamed thing is! ;-)

(Deleted comment)
And then there's the mysterious wandering Eurasian gentleman who hasn't appeared yet, either (lifted from DeQuincey, or possibly Wilkie Collins) . . .

Poor Lyon is going to have to wear a gray wig and pretend to be Papa, I'm afraid, unless Great-Uncle Edward actually *was* the Pimpernel. Hrm.

Really nice shots! I love the lighting you have in Miss Lee's shots!

Ahhhhh, it's the Spirit of Christmas Present!

We're having a spell of beautiful mellow sunshine--it makes for some nice afternoon light, mmmmmm.

I really liked this story! Poor Miss Lee, I hope she can find her place in life ^-^

She doesn't have a ton of options, poor thing, but she's certainly going to try!

Too too fun! Gorgeous portraits of everyone - but particularly your wild and unkempt girl!!! What man could possibly tame her???


Oh, I don't think Miss Lee is going to be tamed. Not in a million years. But if she can fascinate the right sort of man, All may be Well in the end . . .

Laidoll is being very slow about delivering the next costume I need, !@#*$&!

How was your Thanksgiving? Good, I hope--