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A Regency tale, more or less
Sasha Blaze
Once upon a time--a time very like the 1820s, come to think of it--there lived a handsome family in a quiet English village. The Lee family were quite important in the village, and extremely well-to-do; Papa was a J.P., Mamma kept the servants in order, the sons went to Good Schools, and the daughters had a highly-qualified governess (whom they hardly ever tormented).

But the elder daughter, who should by rights have been as happy as a princess in a fairy tale, was discontented.

Another cup of tea, dearie?Collapse )
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I. Adore. This. Story.

And the tongue-in-cheek humor, and the *breathtaking* photos . . . *heart stops, requires reviving, resumes typing*

Can't wait to see more . . . when you're recovered from this one ;)

-- A (hehe, not-yet-fashionable hair, I know her pain!)

I had tons and TONS of fun with this--especially once I realized that I did have enough of the right kinds of clothes to do more than just a series of glamour shots of Mally in the Val outfit. Heh heh heh . . .

I can't quite decide what Shunshou (with or without kitty ears) will be doing in this setting, though. My challenge to myself is to get everyone in, somehow.

And in my mind, the aunts are played by a row of Sashas. I'm not sure I can make the visual joke quite funny enough, but one of these days I intend to try.

I can just picture a little chorus of disapproving Sashas looking at the decidedly UNconventional Mally Lee . . . hehehe!!

-- A :D

I am thoroughly enjoying this story and yes please continue. I also want to see who you have intended to challenge the rebellious will of Miss Lee! ;) And I loved all the clothing (Val does the best girls' outfits), Impassive's jewelry is so tempting (puts a sticky on forehead to remember to order something) . . .

And when you finish this story come help me write the Waiting for Godot thing. I'm stalled . . . that and the weather has not been cooperating. It's been too windy to take the dolls outside to try and balance them and now as you know, this cold front is coming. Heh . . . take care! ;)