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Mally Lee gets a new sweater
Sasha Blaze

The double-heart pattern came out looking more like origami frogs and lily pads, but hey. That works, too.

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She's gorgeous as EVER !*!*!!*!*
Love her fall/winter outfit !*!**!

She is soooooo much fun! But right now she's refusing to wear the lovely Victorian Christmas dress I couldn't stop myself from buying . . . we may have a struggle here . . .

That's such a cute winter outfit and Mally Lee definitely showcases it well with all her 'attitude and style'!! Another gorgeous sweater - congratulations!! Such talent! ;)

I'm using up odds and ends from my yarn stash--I love greens and purples together, and thought that combo might work for a Mally-sweater. Wheeee!

Man she's STACKED in that first shot!

Lovely sweater, just right for the weather!

Heh heh heh. I'm working on waist-shaping strategies for sweaters . . . I have some lovely fine angora yarn, and my goal is to get the Lana Turner effect, eventually. ;-)

Gorgeous model and sweater! Love her skirt too!

That is the cutest little skirt--it came with an SD13-sized outfit I bought on eBay, and it turned out to be JUUUUUUUUUUST big enough to go over the Model hips. ;-)

Mmm... warm snuggly sweater! Mally's gotta be warmer than my crew who went to lawerence today with no shoes! X3

Eeeeeeeeee, this is NOT the weekend to be bopping around without shoes! Even for the resin! XD

Applause back for your accomplishment in the teeny-jeans department! ;-)

nice warm and cosy doll!! yes!

I think I'm finally getting the proportions right for girl bodies--much trial and error going on here . . .

Holy cow, C. The sweater is really stunning ... really!!! And I quite like the second pic ... she looks like she's just seen a ghost! But the real problem for me here is that you are making me love Mally Lee far too much. I can't allow this ... I just. can't. allow. it.


Nancy Drew! I was trying to figure out what she reminded me of in that second picture--it's Nancy Drew!

*falling about with laughter*

Aaaaaaand I find that one quick way of curing myself from thinking I want a tribe of Dollmore Models is to go look at the default faceups: if I could manage to afford (and get) fabulous faceups and body blushing on all of them, ooooooooyeah, but in their natural state . . . they're sort of meh. Though I do keep drifting back to look at Bonnie Hopezs, with her sweet university-student face.

Mally Lee seems more like an origami-frogs-and-lily-pads kind of girl anyway ;)

Love the sweater!! And Mally in that wig ^_^

-- A :D

'Tis true: the heart idea wasn't quite Mally to begin with. This is now officially the Origami Frogs pattern. ^_^

I liked the sharp edges of the wig with the cute little sweater-and-tights combo--the wig keeps it all from being too schoolgirly. Well, and the spike-heeled boots help a little.

(Deleted comment)
The camera *loves* this doll--even when I take lousy pictures, they're halfway interesting because she poses so well. Dollmore certainly got this body right!

Oooh, I like this sweater. The colours are wonderful. ^^

Yellow-greens and red-violets--my favorite Crayola combination from grade school! :-) Thanks for the nice compliment!!

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