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Mally Lee gets a new sweater
Sasha Blaze

The double-heart pattern came out looking more like origami frogs and lily pads, but hey. That works, too.

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Holy cow, C. The sweater is really stunning ... really!!! And I quite like the second pic ... she looks like she's just seen a ghost! But the real problem for me here is that you are making me love Mally Lee far too much. I can't allow this ... I just. can't. allow. it.


Nancy Drew! I was trying to figure out what she reminded me of in that second picture--it's Nancy Drew!

*falling about with laughter*

Aaaaaaand I find that one quick way of curing myself from thinking I want a tribe of Dollmore Models is to go look at the default faceups: if I could manage to afford (and get) fabulous faceups and body blushing on all of them, ooooooooyeah, but in their natural state . . . they're sort of meh. Though I do keep drifting back to look at Bonnie Hopezs, with her sweet university-student face.

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