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Sedens's Home for Wandering Custom House Rarities
Sasha Blaze
Er. Um. *embarrassed grin* There's going to be a new resin arrival at my house soon.

And I don't mean Saiki-girl, either, though she is coming together quite nicely, thank you. Her head should get here tomorrow or Tuesday, and then she's going off to thelyn for painting, and wheeeeeee!

Speaking of the Saiki twins, I've just about come to the conclusion that I'll have to name them Gonou and Kanan. I've been fighting the impulse, because I'm afraid the joke will wear thin over time. But they (well, okay, he) refuse(s) to answer to any of the perfectly nice and non-allusive names that I've tried. We've been around the block with

Souji (not that this one isn't allusive, too)

but he just glares at me.

Either it's gonna be Saiki and Psyche, or it's gonna be Gonou and Kanan. Sometimes ya just hafta go with the joke, yanno?

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C'mon ahead! There's a spare bedroom, and, er, you *can* share clothes with Mally Lee, right? Or else Claudine? I'm trying not to let anybody through the door who will require a whole new size in outfits . . . ^_^

And, well, yeah. I remember seeing (this? an?) Agness when she sold awhile back, and thinking, "if I were ever going to get a Choa, that would be the one." Only she seemed totally out of reach.

My extravagance meter has been reset since then. Evidently.

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