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Sedens's Home for Wandering Custom House Rarities
Sasha Blaze
Er. Um. *embarrassed grin* There's going to be a new resin arrival at my house soon.

And I don't mean Saiki-girl, either, though she is coming together quite nicely, thank you. Her head should get here tomorrow or Tuesday, and then she's going off to thelyn for painting, and wheeeeeee!

Speaking of the Saiki twins, I've just about come to the conclusion that I'll have to name them Gonou and Kanan. I've been fighting the impulse, because I'm afraid the joke will wear thin over time. But they (well, okay, he) refuse(s) to answer to any of the perfectly nice and non-allusive names that I've tried. We've been around the block with

Souji (not that this one isn't allusive, too)

but he just glares at me.

Either it's gonna be Saiki and Psyche, or it's gonna be Gonou and Kanan. Sometimes ya just hafta go with the joke, yanno?

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Ah! Merci! Manga and Anime (beyond my love of Astro Boy way back when) have only recently made it to my radar in any meaningful way, and I've sampled what I've seen mentioned: Fruits Basket, Angel Sanctuary, Blood Alone, Tarot Cafe ... everything Miyazaki ... still crawling, haven't made it to walking yet.

Any recs for me, pretty please?

I'm sure ShinyDOLL will wait patiently ... one can't turn from the "here only today" moments, which bring just as much glee! Congrats, and I can't wait to see her through your eyes.

Well, I'm agonizingly obsessed with Saiyuki, so I would say "run, don't walk" . . . and start with the manga, not the anime (which is much cheerier; I found the anime to be a good way to get more of a character-fix while waiting for the next manga volume to get translated, but the tone is often very, very weird). Hmmmm. How do you feel about boy-boy innuendo? The short manga series Antique Bakery is beautifully drawn, smart, and funny; I'm really enjoying Shout Out Loud and Cafe Kichijouji de, too.

zagzagael likes Blade of the Immortal more than I do.

Classics of the genre: Chobits, Maison Ikkoku.

Bleach, jeez, how could I forget Bleach?

And in the anime department: Samurai Champloo. If I were stranded on a desert island with a miraculously self-recharging battery-operated DVD player, I could live happily for a long time with just Champloo. oooyeah.

As for the "only today" moments--surely I'll run out of lifetime-wishlist Custom House dolls soon? Surely? *whimper* If the first Han or Yeun-Orang or Garahan should happen to pop up for sale, I'll be in second-mortgage territory before I know it . . .

I just watched, and loved, Le Chevalier d'Eon -- it's weird and dark and full of alchemy and alternate-history and ghosts and political plotting and possession and necromancy, all in the Court of Louis the XV.

Josh and I both really enjoyed it -- having a knowledge of history means that you get to go "OOH!" whenever a new character is introduced, but the fact that it's an alternate history means that it stays suspenseful and surprising. It's good stuff!

(Not fluffy at all, though -- it's definitely more of a drama/supernatural/historical fiction narrative than a costumed romp.)

And, OMG, Cynthia!!!! (a) What is Karin's eBay name? If she's selling more dolls, I'd love to see who goes up . . . and (b) EEEEEEEEEEEEEE CONGRATULATIONS!!!

How does Nessa feel about this development? ;)

* * *

Okay, so here's the really weird thing. I don't know how I wound up on this entry, I have a million tabs open, I have a rotten head cold, and I thought you'd posted this TODAY -- er, don't mind me. Including the comment as originally written because I thought you'd get a laugh out of it!



P.S. A wandering Cebee head just rolled my way (a gift from a lovely friend!), so when she's painted, I'm popping her on the still-unassembled old-style body that I bought during CH's kit sale and filed away for a time when I had the spoons to sand the seams . . . I'm totally okay being part of the Secret Order of Elder CustomHouse Beauties!! ;)

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