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Does anyone want these DollHeart shoes?

I'm not feeling the footwear love for these the way I expected to. $36 shipped anywhere (they're $37.90 from DollHeart, plus shipping).

In other news, I'm on a wide-striped oversized sweater kick. Now that I've worked out the math to make the stripes line up, it seems like a waste not to knit several sweaters from this pattern, you know? Finished: black alternating with a red/rust/black marl, Dollshe size. In progress: barn red alternating with a chestnut/red heather, Dollshe size; vanilla marl alternating with caramel marl, probably SD13 boy size (the sizing question depends on how this yarn knits up and blocks). I'm not sure I want to sell any of these--I'm feeling strangely attached to them, hm. We shall see what we shall see. ^_^

Agness Elf Choa (a.k.a. Nessa, because I have an aunt-by-marriage named Ag[nes] and don't want to use living relatives' names) should be here soon from Karen C. . . . Psyche/Kanan is going in the mail to thelyn this morning, assuming that I can get away from the office for the requisite length of time . . . I have 26 remedial-comp papers to grade before tomorrow, and 52 Fulbright applications to read before Friday morning . . . on the bright side, I do have the final exam written for the remedial comp classes, and it won't take much to assemble the final exam for my Restoration/18c. drama class.

Two weeks and four days before my leave starts. Two weeks and four days. Two weeks and four days.
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