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Does anyone want these DollHeart shoes?
Sasha Blaze

I'm not feeling the footwear love for these the way I expected to. $36 shipped anywhere (they're $37.90 from DollHeart, plus shipping).

In other news, I'm on a wide-striped oversized sweater kick. Now that I've worked out the math to make the stripes line up, it seems like a waste not to knit several sweaters from this pattern, you know? Finished: black alternating with a red/rust/black marl, Dollshe size. In progress: barn red alternating with a chestnut/red heather, Dollshe size; vanilla marl alternating with caramel marl, probably SD13 boy size (the sizing question depends on how this yarn knits up and blocks). I'm not sure I want to sell any of these--I'm feeling strangely attached to them, hm. We shall see what we shall see. ^_^

Agness Elf Choa (a.k.a. Nessa, because I have an aunt-by-marriage named Ag[nes] and don't want to use living relatives' names) should be here soon from Karen C. . . . Psyche/Kanan is going in the mail to thelyn this morning, assuming that I can get away from the office for the requisite length of time . . . I have 26 remedial-comp papers to grade before tomorrow, and 52 Fulbright applications to read before Friday morning . . . on the bright side, I do have the final exam written for the remedial comp classes, and it won't take much to assemble the final exam for my Restoration/18c. drama class.

Two weeks and four days before my leave starts. Two weeks and four days. Two weeks and four days.

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cynthia, congratulations on agnes, i kept looking at her. she has a beautiful face up. did you ask her about the default outfit?

No, I didn't, because I was pretty much in shock that I was bidding at all . . . ;-) After I came to my senses again, I thought a good plan would be to get the doll here, then send an "arrived safely" message, and say that I would love to buy the default outfit if Karen ever decides to sell it.

And then what are your plans for your leave?

I haven't let myself think about it all that much! I need to put myself on some kind of reading/writing schedule, though, or I'll fritter away months on end knitting and surfing the net and suchlike.

Spring semester--and I'll be off during the summer, too, unless the samurai-film class fills (which I'm not betting on). IF I were to get the sabbatical I applied for--which I'm not betting on either--that would mean the whole year. But I don't think they'll give me a sabbatical, because this place wouldn't want to let me "get away with" being off for a whole year, even though the first 2/3 of it would be totally unpaid.

Don't forget to email or include your doozy-whatsis so I know what the fur I'm doing on Kanan. I know, I know...no red lips. (Spoilsport)

And tempting me with sweaters when I'm in this position is just mean.

*snerk* The doozy-whatsis is inna box! And anyway, there are reds and reds . . . I'm definitely open to suggestion on her . . .

And I suddenly had a moment of sheer panic as I left the post office: I didn't actually, you know, unwrap the head to make sure it's a Saiki instead of the other head that Minawa-san makes; I just pulled it out of the Celga box and stuffed it in with the body. But I have faith in her quality control! I do!


You're silly!

Will send you email later about colors and stuff. I keep seeing brightish clear colors for her to play off of Saiki's neutral browns.

Yeah, I DEFINITELY want them to contrast . . . so not browns, for sure. Girlygirlygirlygirl--just not, you know, so high-fashion 21st century that I can't put her in kimono. ^_^

Congratulations on Agness !*!**!
She was one of my early favorites !**!!* Oooh!
Can't wait to see her with your beautiful group !*!*

ooh! Can't wait to see your sweaters too!!*!*!
I remember was it just last year? or two years ago now?
your work is beautiful! I hope you do some hats and scarves again too!


Agness has really grown on me--like Demian. A year or so ago, I would never have thought I would buy either of them . . . but I just couldn't pass them up when they appeared on eBay this fall.

I was just flipping through my pattern notebook last night, and ran across the specs for those hats and scarves--I really do need to go back to those sometime! *adding to the "to knit" list*

ohhh, hats and scarves, yeah!! Mikey could use that for his trip to San Francisco (hint hint).

and Yah for time off! I'm counting the days too, it will be good to have a break from school. Darn teachers making us students suffer so before the holidays ;)

Congrats on the new doll! It is raining resin around here, can't keep track of what everyone is getting!

Hee! The little hat/scarf pattern I worked up a couple of years ago is nice with the self-patterning sock yarn . . . does Mikey have a favorite color combination? I can see what kinds of sock yarn I have--

hum, I asked him and turns out he thinks a burgundy hat with a burgundy scarf with gold would be nice...I had no idea he was a Harry Potter fan.

or just something nice in earthen tones would be good, it would go with the outfit he's getting for Christmas (I'm so bad, but I'm having fun buying them all outfits)

Let me see what I have--I might not get a chance to dig through my stash until I get back from Denver on Saturday, though. :-)

have fun in Denver! Burrrr, the thought of the mountains makes me cold :)

*shakes head* You've just got so many exciting things happening. But I think I'll start laying in some celebrating materials for the start of your Time Off. So sweet!!

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