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Back from Denver. Randomosity.

Sadly, I will not manage to get caught up on the flist. *grovels*

After two years of congenial and quick-working Fulbright selection committees, I drew one this year with a couple of men who needed to prove their intellectual superiority by challenging every rating and re-discussing every application. Two or three times apiece.

The upside: the meeting went on so long that the Denver convener took us to eat at Panzano's, which is probably the best Italian restaurant in Denver.

The downside: I didn't have time to go to Denver Doll Emporium.

Home now, v. tired and more than slightly crabby (having found a student demand for a grade appeal lurking in my office e-mail).


The bed at the hotel in Denver was much better than my bed here at home.

Agness Choa has apparently not arrived (orange cards in the mailbox, but none from that particular seller).

Feh on both counts.
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