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Back from Denver. Randomosity.
Sasha Blaze
Sadly, I will not manage to get caught up on the flist. *grovels*

After two years of congenial and quick-working Fulbright selection committees, I drew one this year with a couple of men who needed to prove their intellectual superiority by challenging every rating and re-discussing every application. Two or three times apiece.

The upside: the meeting went on so long that the Denver convener took us to eat at Panzano's, which is probably the best Italian restaurant in Denver.

The downside: I didn't have time to go to Denver Doll Emporium.

Home now, v. tired and more than slightly crabby (having found a student demand for a grade appeal lurking in my office e-mail).


The bed at the hotel in Denver was much better than my bed here at home.

Agness Choa has apparently not arrived (orange cards in the mailbox, but none from that particular seller).

Feh on both counts.

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Get all rested, Cynthia! It's almost over, though, right??

When I was stuck in Ohio (I think it was Ohio), the hotel had a nicer bed than the one I slept on. Then again, the floor is better than a violated dorm mattress. xD Anyway, the bed I slept on was the number bed... You know, you click on this remote control, and you set the firmness of the bed.

I slept really well that night, though, you couldn't really sleep in the middle of the bed as each "half" could set a number for the firmness of the bed. xD

Agness will probably arrive Monday -- I can't wait to see her!

Aaaand she did indeed arrive on Monday--by UPS in the evening, instead of by USPS in the middle of the day. Wheeee!

Those number beds fascinate me. I've never slept on one, but I keep wishing I could land in a hotel that has them, just to see what I think.

I'm feeling your pain. What is it with self-important jerks? And no DDE? Okay, Italian is nice, but no DDE?? I was hoping for the low-down on the really curly Fwigs!!

But at least the email wasn't a parent demand for a grade appeal. I hated those!!

Impending arrivals here too ... race ya!!

I knooooooooooow! I was really hoping to come away from DDE with a bunch of those nifty silicone wig caps, plus notes on the great stuff that we would all want to buy if we could only see it in person. Ptooey. But I think I'm going to visit my former colleagues in Grand Junction this spring, so I'll plan an overnight stay in Denver with some good, solid shopping time.

The danger period for parent grade appeals really starts next Tuesday, after final grades are turned in. Urk . . .

Oooh! You're getting that Choa! Yay for you!

I just can't believe I bid on her! And I can't believe nobody else was bidding! I think I've sort of lost my mind this year where BJDs are concerned . . . ;-)

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