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"But I thought *I* was the princess around here!"
I'm not sure Claudine is taking kindly to this new arrival . . .

. . . however, Nessa seems to be unfazed by the Stony Glare of Sibling Rivalry.

You know that song from Wicked?

Loathing! Unadulterated loathing
For her face, her voice, her clothing.
Let's just say I loathe it all!
Ev'ry little trait
Makes my very flesh
Begin to crawl.

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She really is! :-)

And I have an 18mm eye beveler on the way from Volks (along with a bunch of things I HAD to buy to justify the shipping charge, heh). Now I just hope I won't be terrified to use it . . .

Miss Claudine has an envelope on the way addressed to HER, so hopefully that will smooth her ruffled feathers.

(Nessa is quite pretty!)

Awwwwwwwww, you sweet thing! Claudine will feel vindicated, because nobody's sending the new girl presents, so there. ;-)

And you have an envelope on the way addressed to YOU, which you are not allowed to open before Christmas. Or Shunshou will never send hugs and sake again.

Though I do admit it came on fast
Still I do believe that it can last
And I will be loathing
Loathing you
My whole life long!

Must say, I do think Nessa has plans ... delectably lovely though she may be, she's got the look of a schemer!

I'm so glad she's safely arrived.

I don't know why I couldn't get her to look serene and lovely! I did try, honest I did. ;-) Karen C.'s auction pictures had some beautiful, classic shots of her, but in my hands she turned into this mischief-making elfin coquette.

I wander around the office sometimes, quietly humming "What Is This Feeling?" under my breath. Heh. It's gotten me through many and many a meeting with my sanity intact.

oh wow! and love their outfits!

all the people getting siblings and twins, makes me want to get...oh wait, I do have twins...*tells self need to take more photos*

such pretty girls, lucky you!

It's weird--I'm an only child, and I am (and have always been) perfectly happy about that, but I love the idea of having a clan of BJD siblings. Vicarious experience without any actual pain and suffering. Or something.

I never, ever, ever thought I wanted a Choa, but I'm feeling this powerful compulsion to snatch up the earlier Customhouse dolls that are popping up so often on eBay these days. Maybe I should apply for an NEH or NEA grant to start a CH archive . . .

Trouble in paradise I see.

They're both just lovely girls, and of course you know I adore the attitude.

Luckily for Claudine, I think Nessa will turn out to be agreeably flirtatious and mischievous rather than Machiavellian. But I think I may have to do a small photoshoot where Claudine says, "And you can wear THIS, but not THAT. Here's your bin of clothes. It's not very big, but I just can't spare anything else for you."

Customhouse love 4EVAH!

Aaw! Pretty gorgeous girls !*!*!*
love her fur wig ... lovely,lovely,lovely !*!**!*

Fur wigs really work on her! I want to get a little pixie wig cut to show off her elf ears, only I'm hopeless with hair. I wish my hairdresser had more of a sense of humor . . .

Oh she is so beautiful :) Congrats
They are both gorgeous!

I just love the slenderness and proportions of the old CH girl body! And the special CH faceups are so nice, too--

Your icon is making me want pink wigs!! ;-)

Your Agness Choa is sassy!
I feel bad for Claudine. ;__; She looks so grumpy and irritated. :(

(Elphaba > Glenda anyways ^^)

I swear I didn't deliberately pose Claudine that way! She was sitting on top of the living-room bookcase, looking all demure and sweet in her Christmas dress, but when I plopped Nessa down beside her, her expression suddenly looked P.O'd rather than placid. BJDs DO have minds of their own, lol.

Yup, I'm ALWAYS on Elphaba's side. Solidarity forever. ;-)



Utter, utter adoration. Possibly enough adoration to offset Claudine's determined crankiness!!


-- A :D

P.S. Looks like you've got the beveller thing handled -- I was going to offer to lend you my 20mm, but you already ordered . . . d'oh!

I did a lot of eye fiddling on Monday evening, and decided that 20mm eyes are really too big for her--her defaults are HUGE (they're those gorgeous early CH eyes with the brown stems), and I like the attitude that she has with 18s. So, since there was a pair of shoes and an outfit that I really wanted from Volks anyway . . . you know . . .

She really is a love! I'm a sucker for those little pointed chins and round cheeks--that's what I adore about Jessamine.

And did you cut/style the wig that Jess is wearing in this userpic?? I LOVE the little pointy sideburns, and the way that the hair is cut over her ears. Nessa would be sooooo cute in a wig like that, with her elf ears showing.

Congratulations, I love her!
Being an Oldest I can sympathize with Claudine ... hugs Claudine ...
Use the beveler, it makes such a difference!

Poor Claudine. Mally Lee is no competition for her--they're so totally different that they hardly belong to the same dolly universe. And Saiki-girl will be off in a different corner, too. But another CH girl . . . yup, that changes the family dynamic just a wee bit. ;-)

Yes, the beveler is really pretty much a necessity here. *chanting* I am NOT clumsy, I can do this without destroying her head . . .

OMG, their expressions are AWESOME! I love the composition and how they are looking (or not) at each other. :) SO funny!

CLAUDINE: I am staring straight ahead. This picture is all about ME.

NESSA: Um, you aren't gonna bite me, are you?

wow, your pic is so expressive and really does convey the feeling you implied. your choa fairy is gorgeous, i wanted her so badly, i'm glad you won her and i'll get to see lots of pics of her.

Awwwwwww thank you!! . . . and, tell you what, if she doesn't work out here long-term, you'll be the first to know, okay? (She's already making me spend a ton of money, though: new Enchanted eyes, clothes that Claudine would never wear, you know the drill.)

You are one lucky girl owning not one, but TWO resin beauties from CH!! *g* I am half as lucky!! ^_________^ I own two pint size girls from CH - my Petite Ais!! ;)

I LOVE the Petites!!

Customhouse got me into BJDs in the first place; that's still where my heart is. It's so hard for me to pass up these rare ones when they pop up for sale . . .

This is a truly fabulous userpic, by the way! I feel all fashionably festive when I look at it. ^_^

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