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Mail delivery alert!
Sasha Blaze
Dashing around the house to put doll stuff away (cleaning service coming in the morning, company coming tomorrow evening), but I can't resist a non-photo teaser:

New DollHeart underwear sets. Kanbei in blue. Sejong in gray.

That is all.

Actually, I went further overboard with the DollHeart ordering than I had remembered . . . there was a second package when I stopped at the post office, containing three shirts (iridescent dark red Nightclub!Guy; salmon/khaki/white striped, very Hilfiger; truly weird ruched lime-and-wine striped. The weird one is my early favorite, because its shape reminds me of the flowered shirt in DollTi's website pictures of D). And then Todd-our-loverly-mailman brought yet *another* package just after I got home from work: the SoulDoll eyes, boots, and outfit that were only shipped the day before yesterday. Rah, rah, EMS.

Quick review: mmmmmkay, SoulDoll P40 is NOT caramel/golden. It's frickin' ORANGE. Expletive deleted. Boots, check, good dark-brown suede basics for Claudine and Sejong. Outfit--well, the jury's out on the outfit. As usual, but as I managed to forget when I ordered, the neck on the knit top is too small to get over any head in the house except a mini's. Grrrrrrr. Why SoulDoll and Volks do this, I will never understand. Who wants to take heads off just to dress the guys? The arabesque-printed and pleather-patched jeans, however, are extremely Mick Jagger, and (just barely) fit Kanbei, woooohoooo.

Pictures this weekend. Pinky-swear.
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Yay, stuff!

Oh, man, yeah, the p40s are BLAZING orange. That's what Rex wears. They're perfect, exactly what I'd wanted, but I bought them secondhand and the reseller's shots were true to color. Souldoll's photos are hella NOT.

Grrrrr arrrrggghhh. *muttermuttermutter* At least I got 14mm, and they're small 14mms, so maybe they'll work as devil eyes for my Unoa B-El.

What I really want is Volks HG goldenrod, so I guess I'll have to suck it up and buy them.

Aargh - another unsuspecting eye whore tangles with the SoulDoll pimp! It is SO NOT okay. I will not order from their site - but secondary market photos usually are pretty accurate.

Volks really does want us to take these heads off! Well...I haven't done that, but most of my boys don't even wear shirts, so! But it is an interesting approach they seem to encourage mightily!

Photos - yes!

Lesson effing LEARNED. *still muttering at the works and empty promises of eeeeeevil SoulDoll* I think I shrieked out loud, and not in a good way, when I opened the little eye box. (Flashback: "Was it a girly scream, Mulder?")

I LOVE souldoll's eyes, but that's because everyone seems to want to wear something bizarre in their head here. I have orange glass eyes. X3

I wouldn't have minded so much if they were a dark red-orange. Or if I had wanted orange in the first place. But this . . . this . . . ack.

well I'm sure that someone else will be happy to purchase them off you. :3 Maybe you could find the color you want from Masterpiece?

Sooo, which SoulDoll outfit did you get? I love their outfits. ^^

This 'un: http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=881 I've hankered after a pair of the arabesque-print jeans ever since that fabric first showed up on the SoulDoll sit, so even if the top turns out to be too much of a pain to deal with, I'm happy. Enough.

can't wait to see pictures, i love their clothes.

I just hate having things come in the middle of the week, because there's never any time for pictures after I get home from work. *sigh*

Hi Cynthia *waving* - it's Lynn from UK, don't know if you remember me?
I've just added you as I've really been enjoying seeing your pictures.
Hope that's cool? ^_^

Lynn! Lynn, my master enabler! Yay, thank you for stopping by, and it is more than cool!

Pen, my CH Gene, says hello and will he grow up to look like Hook someday? ;-)

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