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Mail delivery alert!

Dashing around the house to put doll stuff away (cleaning service coming in the morning, company coming tomorrow evening), but I can't resist a non-photo teaser:

New DollHeart underwear sets. Kanbei in blue. Sejong in gray.

That is all.

Actually, I went further overboard with the DollHeart ordering than I had remembered . . . there was a second package when I stopped at the post office, containing three shirts (iridescent dark red Nightclub!Guy; salmon/khaki/white striped, very Hilfiger; truly weird ruched lime-and-wine striped. The weird one is my early favorite, because its shape reminds me of the flowered shirt in DollTi's website pictures of D). And then Todd-our-loverly-mailman brought yet *another* package just after I got home from work: the SoulDoll eyes, boots, and outfit that were only shipped the day before yesterday. Rah, rah, EMS.

Quick review: mmmmmkay, SoulDoll P40 is NOT caramel/golden. It's frickin' ORANGE. Expletive deleted. Boots, check, good dark-brown suede basics for Claudine and Sejong. Outfit--well, the jury's out on the outfit. As usual, but as I managed to forget when I ordered, the neck on the knit top is too small to get over any head in the house except a mini's. Grrrrrrr. Why SoulDoll and Volks do this, I will never understand. Who wants to take heads off just to dress the guys? The arabesque-printed and pleather-patched jeans, however, are extremely Mick Jagger, and (just barely) fit Kanbei, woooohoooo.

Pictures this weekend. Pinky-swear.
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