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Oh . . . wow . . .
Sasha Blaze
I just got a letter from the VP for Academic Affairs.

They granted my sabbatical for next fall. AND they granted my wonderful colleague K. his sabbatical for Spring 2008, too.


Merry Christmas, my dears!

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oh your friend got his too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad!!

this is too awesome. i'm SOOO jealous. the only time i'd ever get time of is if i was hospitalized or something. lol.

One of the main reasons I went into academia was the schedule--I really thrive on the intense but time-limited semester-long bouts of work, alternating with hefty breaks (and even a sabbatical now and then). The year-round, no-vacation flatland of being department chair here has just about ground me to a mental halt. I truly don't know how people with normal jobs do it for twenty or thirty or forty years.

Wow, congratulations! Yeehaw!!

Eeeeeee, thank you!!! Maybe that meetup is gonna happen this year after all, hmmm?

Woooooo, thank you! And since good news is in the air, it's time for you and Dave to get some!

and oh ps man i gotta save my pennies! we all have to give you our SHOPPING LISTS! eesqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

heh heh heh . . . bring it ON!

*keels over from delighted shock*

very kool news..happyest holidays!

Happy, happy, happy to you, too!! I wish everybody could get such a piece of good news for Christmas~~

Congrats! Can I get one too? I wanna go also!!

How fun!

You can fold up and go in my carryon bag!!

*am giddy*

Oh yay i am so happy for you!!! Congratulations! And happy holidays

Thank you, Mia! (And I LOVE Santa Namine!!)

Oh wow, congrats! What a great Christmas present! XD

Oh, that icon cracks me up--it's SO me (I'm always the one clutching the bars of the slide . . . that's something I'm going to work on this year)!

Thank you, sweetie, and I hope you get an equally wonderful Christmas surprise!!

*shrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk* Ohmygosh!! Congratulations!!!!


-- A :D

Oh, YEAH!!!!! Thank you and HUGS and I think I'm still hyperventilating . . .

Aw, thank you!!!! Part of my sabbatical project is to spend some time in libraries and museums in LA (among other places), so . . . expect to see me sometime in the fall!

YEAH!!! Maybe one of those "musuems" could be the special Volks one. hem~hem cough-cough

Depending on which museum you go to, I wouldn't mind tagging along. I LOVE Lacma. XD Their Japanese musuem is very nice.

Oh, C!!!!!

*grabs and does ecstatic jig*


*out of breath from jigging*

I truly can't believe this--and I can't believe that the decision came so early! Last year, the VP hemmed and hawed until APRIL (no kidding), so I was not only expecting a rejection, but I was expecting to wait and wait and wait for it.


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