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The name game
Sasha Blaze
Usually I don't like to name BJDs before they arrive--it seems like bad luck, somehow. Or else the actual doll is so different from the manufacturer's pictures that I have to scrap the name and start over, anyway. (I'll just say that Pen was supposed to be Mirabell . . . you know, from Congreve . . . and leave it at that.)


Here I am, watching it snow and musing on my mad Christmas romance (he's shipping on Tuesday! EEEEEEEEE!!!), and thinking about names.

First I thought he would be Tamino--Tam for short.
Then, this morning, I thought perhaps Noel would be a good idea.

Or maybe I should just wait until I open the box, huh?
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Oh my, what a handsome boy. I've always admired Dollstown dolls, but they seem so hard to get a hold of! And let me just say that I love the name Noel! Would you pronounce it "No-el" or "Nole"?

Mmmmmm, that's a good question! Somewhere in between, I think--I just said it out loud, and it's sort of "NO'l".

Getting him was such a piece of blundering good luck: it didn't occur to me that I wouldn't be able to post the order message and, you know, just buy him, so I poured another glass of wine and did exactly that. I think mine must have been the last normal-skin boy body in stock. *shaking my head at the serendipity of it all*

I think I'm living the latter half of my life in full rebellion to experiences from the former half ... which, in the context of this, is to say, I'm learning to let structural details fall by the wayside and not make plans unless I have to. I'm learning to let entities (usually, but not always, animate ones) tell me what/who they are and what/who they need to be. I'm actively avoiding making presumptions.

The short of it: I like both names (maybe Tam that little bit more), but I'd wait until you opened the box, held him, watched him interact with his surroundings. He could wind up telling you he was a Carruthers. You never know.

Oh, but he is such an earnest lad.

Only too true, about the dangers of making plans! I have a fairly loose relationship to plans, when I'm in good mental balance (as opposed to where I was in, say, October): planning and imagining are great fun, but usually I don't care all that much about carrying out the results. This is where teaching gets tedious--I do love designing new classes, but I would be just as happy to hand off my blueprints to someone else, and move on to the next R&D project.

I'm shuddering at "Carruthers." *Shuddering,* I say.

I see some stubbornness in the pout and in the set of that rounded chin--I can hardly wait to see what this face is like in person!

Congrats on your new boy !************************

Happy New Year, Cynthia ~*~**~*~
&hearts !*!**!

Awwwwwwww, thank you!!! Now I need to catch up on all your beautiful pictures of snow and James Vohno--I hope being snowed in is turning out to be a pleasure rather than a worry--

I'd wait, but both of those names do suit him as pictured there. I particularly like Tam. And Noel. HA!

Oh, YOU'RE no help. *whap*

If he's an Edwin when I open the box, I will be mightily annoyed.

AHhhhhH! oh you must tell all when you get him (I really wanna know his measurements)
you lucky girl!

how super!

I'm crazy, is what I am (yet ANOTHER expense to hide from my financial planner). But happy, yes indeedy.

I've been fascinated by the Dollstown body design ever since I started seeing Val Zeitler's DT girls--but I could have lived without a DT forever if this lovely closed-mouth boy hadn't suddenly appeared. I'm *really* looking forward to seeing what the body is like! I've heard wildly different reviews from people whose judgment I trust, so . . . it will be interesting.

i've done naming both ways,Misha was named as i searched 3 months for him on the secondary market years ago ,and almost all of the rest as i looked at them for the first time
..hes amazing ,love the sculpt of the lips
god i better tell my volks boys about those arm muscles this boy has ..wow
this is actually a very good company photo!

Isn't the body sculpt wonderful? So subtle and detailed. I still think the Volks boy body is my absolute favorite--I spend an inordinate amount of time admiring Saiki-boy's SD13 navel and soft rounded tummy--but the shaping of the arms and legs on this body is amazing!

And the lush closed mouth was my downfall. *sigh*

I can't wait to see this boy . . . congratulations on getting him. It's funny I did a post on him right before Xmas but I thought he was called Hui? No matter, he is amazing and I think he will tell you who he is when he hops out of the box. ;)

Look forward to your lovely pictures! You really do have an amazing harem! ;)

Aaaahhhh, there are two of them! Hue is the open-mouthed DT boy head, and Mui (who slid in with much less fanfare, or at least I didn't notice his appearance) is the second, closed-mouth version. Dolls with teeth squick me, for no good reason, but this face . . . I'm dead meat.

The harem is expanding quite a bit faster than I ever expected. I think I need to stop looking now! ;-)

He should fit right in with your kids, Cynthia...he's so sensitive looking. Funny, I rather like how Tam Noel sounds together. LOL

Heeeeyyy, there's an idea . . .

I do think he'll look lovely with the rest of the crew, without being too much like them. I hope! We'll know very soon, eeeeee--

Oh, C!!!

What an incredibly - softly - handsome lad!!! If he's a Christmas boy...I would definitely consider a Christmas name...


Well, that's what I started thinking . . . hrm. Names are either a snap for me, or horribly difficult (requiring many whiny e-mails to friends, and much internal angst). We shall see!

of course, i love the name noel. i ordered my noel on christmas eve and that's how she got her name, my christmas girl. i love his lips, he looks like a real boy! happy new year!

Happy New Year to you, too, dear Paul! And I wondered if that was why your Noel *is* Noel--it's perfect for her.

Are there any other really good Christmas names?



Well, maybe not . . .

WOW, he is so good looking! And what a realistic body sculpt!!! Congratulations.

Isn't he pretty??!! The body is SO interesting--it will be fun to have this new style to play with. He's a tall one--64cm--so not DollShe tall, but taller than my other guys, now that the Yukinojo has moved on to a new home.


Somehow, he looks like a Kris to me :)

Can't wait to see what you do with him!! *bounce*

-- A :D

You're scary . . . because I've been toying with Kryzstof or Christophe, Kit for short, over the past day or two. ;-)

LoveLOVElove this icon, by the way!!

I personally love the name Tam! I think it would be very fitting!
He's so gorgeous - *drool

Hi, I'm Alicia by-the-way! :)

Hey!! Cynthia here--so VERY glad you dropped by, because I'm always too backward to go looking for people . . . ;-)

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