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The name game
Sasha Blaze
Usually I don't like to name BJDs before they arrive--it seems like bad luck, somehow. Or else the actual doll is so different from the manufacturer's pictures that I have to scrap the name and start over, anyway. (I'll just say that Pen was supposed to be Mirabell . . . you know, from Congreve . . . and leave it at that.)


Here I am, watching it snow and musing on my mad Christmas romance (he's shipping on Tuesday! EEEEEEEEE!!!), and thinking about names.

First I thought he would be Tamino--Tam for short.
Then, this morning, I thought perhaps Noel would be a good idea.

Or maybe I should just wait until I open the box, huh?
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Somehow, he looks like a Kris to me :)

Can't wait to see what you do with him!! *bounce*

-- A :D

You're scary . . . because I've been toying with Kryzstof or Christophe, Kit for short, over the past day or two. ;-)

LoveLOVElove this icon, by the way!!

Eeee!! Christophe was going to be my other suggestion . . . synchronicity!! :D

And thank you, sweetheart!


-- A ^_^

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