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Fun with Enabling, lalala
Sasha Blaze
This is a big goofy wave and shout-out to v., if she wanders by . . . because she has a DollTi D on the way to her, as of yesterday evening! Just to tide you over till you get that EMS package, v:

SEJONG: I do not believe that this is proper clothing for a warrior. Or a scholar.

SEJONG: I fear that you do not respect me, American Cynthia.

CYNTHIA: But it's cute! You look adorable in those pajamas. And aren't they comfy?

SEJONG: A warrior does not aspire to be--what was the word? Comfy.

SEJONG: I shall sit in this corner and meditate upon shame.

This isn't the underwear set I mentioned in the last entry, by the way--I bought these from Dollmore for Claudine, but they're funnier on the boys.

Today is going to be a long day--I have to leave right after my morning class to drive to my home town (2 1/4 hours each way), for a meeting with the accountant over the last (posthumous) tax return for my mother. I have a guest lecturer in class, who will have to be transported to and from, and I need to try to be back in town by 7 p.m. to accompany at a choir rehearsal. The forecast says severe thunderstorms, which seems appropriate, somehow. *sigh*
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"I shall sit in this corner and meditate upon shame." Oh, American Cynthia, this made me laugh SO hard.

He's gorgeous, and his personality really shows through. Those jammies look damn comfy; I wouldn't mind having some myself!

My boy, who's withholding his name still, just slays me D-E-D Dead. I adore each of my dolls, but this guy just *resonates.* (Resin-ates? Har.)

What color are Sejong's eyes?

Poor Sejong. He's so disappointed in me. I haven't even supplied him with a burglar to whack. ;-)

I agree about the jammies! I love knit ones anyway for myself, and these are very, very cute. Maybe Dollmore needs to consider branching out?

Your D needs a name, already!! But these guys aren't easy to name, are they? I'm glad I happened on one that I liked and that seemed to fit, pretty early on.

Eyes. Those are his brown defaults; I really wanted brown eyes for him, and I was thrilled to see that DollTi didn't send me bright blue or purple or something.

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