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The Twin Project, Phase 2
Sasha Blaze
thelyn has more in her LJ . . . EEEEEEEEE!!!!!

And there's a Mui-shaped box sitting in the dining room, only I MUST do some chores around the house before I sit down to get acquainted. More anon, my friends--
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WOW she's so beautiful, serene and peaceful looking. I love how subtle everything is, but strong enough to make a point...if that makes any sense...:p

I am in love with her! Lyn did such an amazing job with her twin brother--I can't wait to get the two of them together and start taking pictures . . .

Reeeally nice faceup.

Holy moly ... she's incredible!!! She smoulders, mango juice seems to drip from her lushness, she's going to let nothing past her without at least three critical head-to-toes, and she is never, not even once, going to take no for an answer. I think both you and sweek Saiki-boy over there are sunk. Complete glub!

I showed your pix to Mellissa, who thinks she'd make a perfect Mord-Sith (I sorta know what this is ... if you don't, you'll have to get my faerie sweetie to explain it to you).

Mui's there and you haven't opened the box???? *jaw drops* WOMAN! Get on with it! I'm dying here!!!

I kinda think the two of them are going to be a match for each other--Onii-chan is a pretty tough bird himself, and not inclined to approve of anything without plenty of consideration. He's sitting on top of the bookcase right now, looking skeptical and haughty . . . these two will be terrors, I'm afeard.

Okay, I'll bite: what IS a Mord-Sith?

*snorfle* The only way I could bribe myself to sit down and sort through five years of service-club files (then shred all the incriminating stuff, heh) was to say I couldn't open the Mui until I was done. (When I was quite small, my parents once made the mistake of giving me the bribe doll BEFORE the visit to the dentist. They learned fast.)

Saiki Twins = Les Enfants Terribles

The Dealers of Death and Withering Contempt, that's what they are . . . ;-)

I truly canNOT wait to get them together!! Must, must, must get the Christmas tree taken down so I can reach my photo setup more comfortably.

This girl is so incredibly beautiful, C! In the most unusual of ways - a true treasure and a rare presence, I'm sure!!! When will she arrive home? You certainly chose the right artist to work with! I can't wait to see more more more! And love the tat!!!

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