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One lousy picture, just to PROVE THAT HE'S HERE. Heh.

Introducing Kirie. But I think we'll call him Kit for everyday use.

Even in less eerie eyes, Kit is most definitely an otherworldly being: if I were given to creating elaborate or fixed backstories for my BJDs, I would say that he's an adolescent demon who dismally failed the entrance exams for university, and has been packed off in disgrace to cram school (a.k.a. the human world).

Hmm. A plain brown wrapper.


The obligatory bald-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree shot. Not a happy camper, is he?

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He's gorgeous. He has such a tragic look and you're right, other worldly.

He's *wonderfully* different from the rest of the crew here, and the body sculpt is completely amazing. Such detail in the muscles and bone structure--I don't think I'll be able to capture it all with the camera, but it will be fun to try!

Oh my god, he is GORGEOUS!!!! Is there any way at all that I could convince you to take a pic of him in a long/semi-longish wig? I've been eyeing Mui for a bit now, and I'd love to see him in something longer to see if he'd fit the ideas I have for him.

You lucky thing, you, he's exquisite!!!

Juuuuu betcha! I have to go to brunch with a friend now , but I wanted to do another round of wig and eye experimenting this afternoon--pictures to come!!

Yes, demon in training works for me.

I'm heartbroken--HEARTBROKEN, I say--to discover that the ED #30s are just too big. He needs 18mm with a smallish iris, or 16mm with a big one. *sniffle*

I guess Pen will get yet another pair of new eyes, lol. It's okay; he's Head Boy, so he deserves 'em.

Mmmmmm.....I do believe that dollstown work comes closest to ArtDoll in resin - he's truly something else! That face is so tragic....and yet hints at...so many possibilities!!!

What do YOU think?

I am so enamored of the body that I confess I'm not paying as much attention to his beautiful face as I know I will! This is THE most interesting, detailed, carefully-modelled body in my whole crew: his hands are even better than Hound hands, as hard as that is to believe. He has shin bones and calf muscles . . . it's truly art-doll sculpting. And I love the slightly oversized, heavy head poised on its slender neck.

I'm not sure how long it will take me to decide to put clothes on him. ^_^

(Deleted comment)
That wig instantly made him happier--it was really remarkable! Every other wig I've tried makes him default back to "I am suffering terribly and cannot be comforted." Must write to Elaine at Poshdolls, begging for more colors in this particular style of mohair skin . . .

I must say that half of the the Christmas Indulgence Escapade has turned out with such amazing, happy results. What remains for the other half we have yet to see.

I want to retitle "Help": maybe "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" as a more winkish possibility ... or "The Agony of Birth" if you are feeling more Grecoish.

He's incredible ... and I think you're going to have a lot of fun coaxing out the look that makes you feel just so.

It's been a long time since I carried a new doll around the house with me, but Kit is snuggled comfortably into the crook of my arm, getting the grand tour while I putter around. *Such* a lovely creature, he is, and so much fun to handle! There are limits to his posing, but none of them are the ones that really bug me (e.g. the 60cm Narin's refusal to sit up without support); I could wish he had a double elbow joint, but that's just a quibble.

Ooooo, I LOVE "The Unbearable Lightness"! Or possibly "Excuse me? Dr. Frankenstein?"

He's so beautiful. Unexpectedly so. I love when they demand to follow you from room to room. *g*

Taking my cold back to bed now.

AAAAUUGGGHHH colds are definitely going the rounds! Sher has a bad one, I'm trying to fight one off . . . ick. I hate winter.

Isn't it interesting, how some body styles just demand to be held and carried? As much as I love the SD13 boy body, I don't find it cuddly in the way that this Dollstown boy body is.

And Kit is much *prettier*--in a classically pouty sort of way--than I expected! It's certainly changing my ideas about how to wig and eye and dress him (not that I've dressed him yet . . . )

The Dollstown body is so amazing. I think M. should be finishing her boy's faceup today. He's easily fallen into our home category of Truly Great Doll along with Bermann, Omicron and Choa. *sigh*

Isn't the body unbelievable?? *genuflecting toward Dollstown* The only thing I would change about it is to give the elbow a double joint, so that he could touch his face. But I LOVE the torso jointing, and the curve of the back when he sits--just gorgeous! Truly Great Doll, indeed.

I love that body~~~~ so sex! X3

tee hee, he's a Ronin, poor boy. Good luck adjusting to the new world!

I like that wig on him, but I also like him bald! Which I don't usually like for more dolls. They did a wonderful job with him :) congrats!

And a demon ronin, at that. Life won't be easy . . . ;-)

I like him bald, too--the shape and proportions of this head are really lovely. Two thumbs up for Dollstown!

Its hard for me to look at his body when I cannot stop looking at his mouth ... it capivates me!
His body does look very nice and tight .. lookit those arms! And I do like the hands too

It's the legs that are really making me squee and pet him, lol--I thought the SD16 leg sculpts were top of the line, but these are even more detailed.

His mouth is what hypnotized me first, on the website . . . wah!


squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!thanks!!! ^_^

I missed this post . . . I was sick when you had your arrival post. I truly love him though . . . and am also curious to know your thoughts on him and his sculpt and resin.

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