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One lousy picture, just to PROVE THAT HE'S HERE. Heh.

Introducing Kirie. But I think we'll call him Kit for everyday use.

Even in less eerie eyes, Kit is most definitely an otherworldly being: if I were given to creating elaborate or fixed backstories for my BJDs, I would say that he's an adolescent demon who dismally failed the entrance exams for university, and has been packed off in disgrace to cram school (a.k.a. the human world).

Hmm. A plain brown wrapper.


The obligatory bald-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree shot. Not a happy camper, is he?

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Yes, demon in training works for me.

I'm heartbroken--HEARTBROKEN, I say--to discover that the ED #30s are just too big. He needs 18mm with a smallish iris, or 16mm with a big one. *sniffle*

I guess Pen will get yet another pair of new eyes, lol. It's okay; he's Head Boy, so he deserves 'em.

Are you looking for red? I've got a pair of 17mm Masterpiece cads...they ARE flawed, so you can have 'em!

oooooo, I wish those were 12mm, because that's exactly what I want for Sejong. *making shopping list* But I think these Bloody Rose Mystic eyes are about as red as Kit needs to go, at least for the time being . . . I will shout if I change my mind, though . . . ;-)

I've got a pair of red Dollshe urethanes coming - 16mm - if you'd like to see them. Did I already say that? Oh, wait, you're saying you DON'T want red.

I ordered a pair of ED#30 for Leopold and CAN NOT WAIT.

Now... oh my god, he's beautiful! Look at the sculpting in his forearms!!! The musculature! The FACE! Aaughgghh.

The back! And the shins! Wait till you see them!!

I loooooooove ED #30. I wish someone would die and leave me #30 in every size from 12mm through 20mm. ;-)

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