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One lousy picture, just to PROVE THAT HE'S HERE. Heh.

Introducing Kirie. But I think we'll call him Kit for everyday use.

Even in less eerie eyes, Kit is most definitely an otherworldly being: if I were given to creating elaborate or fixed backstories for my BJDs, I would say that he's an adolescent demon who dismally failed the entrance exams for university, and has been packed off in disgrace to cram school (a.k.a. the human world).

Hmm. A plain brown wrapper.


The obligatory bald-in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree shot. Not a happy camper, is he?

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It's been a long time since I carried a new doll around the house with me, but Kit is snuggled comfortably into the crook of my arm, getting the grand tour while I putter around. *Such* a lovely creature, he is, and so much fun to handle! There are limits to his posing, but none of them are the ones that really bug me (e.g. the 60cm Narin's refusal to sit up without support); I could wish he had a double elbow joint, but that's just a quibble.

Ooooo, I LOVE "The Unbearable Lightness"! Or possibly "Excuse me? Dr. Frankenstein?"

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