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Wig experiments, for Violaine
As requested, Kit models three styles of long wigs (plus one short one because it looks SO cute.)




Omake, or, "Maybe if I keep edging backwards she'll stop taking my picture.":

The eyes, for those of you who keep track of such things (*koffkoff* eyewhores *koffkoff*), are 16mm Silver, blue with seaweed rim.
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the long blonde one makes him look a bit older... I love the body so much, but the head just looks so young in comparison. o.o;

See, that's part of what I really like about him--that dissonance between the body and the face. It gives him an odd otherness, and that's appealing to me a lot.

I tell you, though, I think I'm getting the urge to try Saiki-boy's head on this body sometime. Wouldn't that be an interesting experiment?

Who's an eyeho. Oh are you talking to me. *g*

I actually bought two pairs today, one for each of the new boys. Masterpiece cypress, and starlight blue. *sigh* Eyes are so my thing.

Your boy's eyes are gorgeous. Who are they made by?


The maker is actually named (or goes by) Silver; he/she/they sell on Yahoo!Japan, but I bought this pair from Julia on DoA. The color is supposedly "night blue," but it doesn't look very nightly to me--I would call it more of a noon sky blue. They're either urethane or glass (I'm not good at telling the difference), and just gorgeous.

Ok, I think I can combust now. Holy CRAP!!! He's such a versatile sculpt! I love that body too, I can see what you mean about the dissonance between the face and body. So odd and compelling!

Thank you so much for trying those wigs out for me, I really appreciate it!!! *hugs*

Even though I'm liking the short boyish wigs best, I think it's gonna be worth trying everything on him, just to see--this face really takes to different styles! More experiments to come . . .

Mmmm...he is still intriguing me. The black is my vote - but I like black hair with ginger-toned face-ups!

Thanks for the eye stats. Hee~!~!

Public service, that's what it is. We ALL want to chase elusive Japanese eyes, yes indeedy . . . ;-)

I still like the short feathery black mohair best, but I need to try more of my longer black ones, just to see. The trouble is that his head is huge, and I've been buying wigs for Dollshe heads for quite a while--nothing like having an excuse to pick up a few more, hm?

i think he really looks like a girl in the first one (sorry kit!!!)

he's gorgeous... i like those eyes in him.


(sssshhhhhh, he really does look like a girl in that one . . . it's kind of an androgynous face, with that full mouth and soft nose & jaw)

He really IS gorgeous--but, boy, I can't even begin to get him right with the camera yet. Sooooooo different!

LOVE the eyes! I prefer the short wig and then the black one.
Does he stand well?

He stands incredibly well--and he'll balance hip-shot, or leaning WAY over to the side, or twisted half around . . . I haven't tried him yet leaning back or forward, but we'll try that soon. Such cool body engineering!

I like the short one best, too. I think he's so cute, peeking out from under the bangs in that slightly hostile way. *cuddles*

LOVE the eyes, and I like the last short one the best.

I'm soooooooo glad Julia sold these eyes, heh! And short wigs are definitely my taste for him, too. (I wonder if I could cut little notches for his ears in that black mohair skin, without destroying it? It actually fits his funny-shaped head well, except right behind the ears. Hrm.)

I can only say that I'm not fond of the red kinked wig. Other than that, I'd ask you not to press me to a choice because each one is incredible in its own way. He is amazingly versatile ... something of a charmed chameleon.

You know, I'm just not going to let you do what you are actually doing to me. I'm just ... not ... nope ... no way ...

Oh, ooooooops . . . was I enabling? BAD me.

The red kinked one is actually Pen's "Robespierre the Rock Star" wig (long story, heh), and it doesn't what you'd call work on Kit, noooooooo. Poor baby, at the mercy of human experiments. ;-)

Ooooh the new boy! I like the last pic of him. ^_^

Yeah, I think he's totally adorable in little schoolboy wigs of various kinds! The problem is that he's rejecting most of the ones I have, except for the black curly mohair and this wine one. *sigh* They always want us to do more shopping for them, don't they?

And yes, speaking of shopping, I'm bracing myself for the arrival of Kanan-chan. ;-)

I like him best in the last, short wig ^-^
What a handsome guy!

Me, too!

Thank you, sweetie--he is such fun to have around the house already . . .

I actually like the last one the best. I like short wigs though.

Me, too! Violaine wanted to see some long wigs on him, to help her make up her mind about a Mui, but I think mine is going to be a short-haired boy most of the time.

Wow, he is so realistic looking. What a defined physique for a cherub looking face! Is that his default body? How tall is he? He looked great in dark blond and short hair. Thanks for sharing.

Isn't the body interesting? Yes, it's his default--the Dollstown 15B boy body, normal skin (he has the Mui head). He's 64cm, so just a bit taller than usual . . . if there's any "usual" these days in BJDdom. I haven't tried your SD16 cheongsam on him yet, but I think it's going to be a good fit.

He's so beautiful. I love his body and the way he poses. So gorgeous.

He looks so good in those wigs. Surprisingly I love the blond the best, it so soft and subtle.

I've been staring at Mui over at Dollstown, he gorgeous and a pricey fellow. Are you happy with him now that you've had him a while? I like his face and body sculpt alot and think he looks best in the dark short wig. If you even see this comment, please let me know your thoughts on him. Thanks!

PS - I am looking desperately for a Dollstown Soph elf, so if you know of one that needs a home please please let me know. Thanks!

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