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We have twins. Right here. In the house.
Sasha Blaze
My sweet darling *handsome* mail carrier made an extra pass at the end of his route, since I wasn't home to sign for the package when he came by at the usual time. Of course, it's pitch-dark already, and there isn't enough light in my house to take decent pictures without daylight, but I will just say . . .

. . . Miss Thang-san is even MORE gorgeous in person than in Lyn's pictures. Yup. Believe it. *nods*

And Shunshou is plotting to run away to Texas, since he's getting mash notes from a Narae-who-shall-not-be-named. ;-)
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She has such a crush on him...it's very cute.

I want PEEK-A-TURES!!!!!

Don't you just love wonderful mail carriers? I have one who should be enshrined in the USPS Hall of Fame ... my Magical Mark, who always has a smiling face and words of grand cheer for any situation. He also goes out of his way to get my doll boxes to me ("There's someone dying to meet you"), even flagging me on the road if he sees me.

Even MORE gorgeous?? I do NOT want to wait!!!!

it's so nice to see that some of us have nice mail carriers isn't it?? My guy, paul, is ALSO quite adorable and goes out of his way to make sure I get my goodies too.

i'm DYING TO SEE HER!! you'd better get some pics today!!

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