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The Twin Project: Curtain Up!
Sasha Blaze

Such beautiful faces . . .

thelyn has done an amazing job with this pair--I couldn't be happier with them! Off to play with eyes and wigs some more--
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THESE are the two most beautiful dolls I've ever seen!!!!! You were SO SO SO SO SO SO SO right to bring home this girl...so right to do it!!!! I can't imagine them ever being parted - they are Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Earth and Sky. They are just utterly perfect.

Major props to you for vision and serious high-fiving to Lyn for her amazing face-up artistry!!!!

Oh, m'dear--I just wish I could borrow your eye and your camera for an hour or so, to take the pictures that I know they COULD sit for!

They are indeed and indeed perfect, and all honor goes to Lyn and to Minawa-san (who had the Saiki-girl idea in the first place; I would never have come up with it on my own, because I don't have that much imagination).

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