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The Twin Project: Curtain Up!
Sasha Blaze

Such beautiful faces . . .

thelyn has done an amazing job with this pair--I couldn't be happier with them! Off to play with eyes and wigs some more--
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AIGH! So perfect! MORE MORE MORE! <3<3 You are lucky lucky lucky!!!

Broke broke broke, mind you . . . but YES, lucky lucky lucky! And I'm trying hard to start a little wave of sales for Minawa-san, because this head is utterly fabulous and she's so nice to deal with . . . *nudge nudge* ;-)

very little arm twisting needed

Don't think I haven't already thought about it. Rather pointedly thought about it for a very specific girl by the name of Pauline, actually. I know I want to put her on an Aoi Tuki body, but I really haven't settled on a head mold yet. Saiki is high up on the list. *sigh* I must get bodies for the heads I already have first.

Re: very little arm twisting needed

Ahhhhh, I wonder how big the Aoi-Tuki neck is, vs. either of the SD13s? These are relatively small heads (8-9); I know the Aoi-Tuki girls are big all over, but I don't have a good sense of how their heads compare to, say, the larger Volks heads. (Or that beautiful but LARGE Mui noggin.)

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