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The Twin Project: Curtain Up!
Sasha Blaze

Such beautiful faces . . .

thelyn has done an amazing job with this pair--I couldn't be happier with them! Off to play with eyes and wigs some more--
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These two are so remarkably special ... I just can't stop looking at them. You have an amazing eye, to have seen this. And Lyn's a genius for helping you translate that.

I'm just ... wow. (aka inarticulate)

Oh, man, I get NONE of the credit for this: it would never have occurred to me that the Saiki head could be a girl if Minawa-san hadn't painted one that way, and posted those beautiful pictures on her website. And thank goodness Lyn overruled me on the lip color (I'm such a coward . . . I was saying "neutral pale pink," and I was sooooooooo wrong), because Sister-chan is Just. Perfect.

They do absolutely belong together, don't they? Much lurve.

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