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A Sasha picture, for a change

One of the adventures of my childhood--I think I was ten, that Christmas--was choosing a special present for myself from Hamleys, the wonderful toyshop in London. This was via mail-order, years and years before the Internet; I can't remember where I got the idea that ordering something from Hamleys would be nifty-keen, or how I talked my parents into actually mailing a check to England, but somehow it happened.

I remember that my first choice was a stuffed Mr. Badger in his dressing gown. At first I was crushed when Hamleys wrote back to say that they were sold out of Mr. Badgers, and that I would have to choose a different toy of the same value. But as I went through the catalogue again, I noticed a handsome dark-haired, dark-eyed boy doll with a solemn face--so my second choice was a Gregor Dark Denims. Mom and Dad were even more enchanted with him than I was, I think; over the next couple of birthdays or Christmases, I got a blonde Sasha Gingham and a Baby Gregor Nightdress to keep Gregor company. The three of them sat patiently in my bedroom while I grew up, went away to college, went further away to graduate school, went further still to my first job, and then, in the strange way of the world, came (almost) home again. When Dad died and Mom moved off the farm into town, I brought Sasha, Gregor, and Baby to my house. When Mom died, I got them out of the closet where they had been waiting--still patiently--for me to grow up enough to appreciate them again.

All of which is a long way of introducing Caleb, who became my fourth Sasha last fall. I had thought for quite a while, in the back of my mind, that I would like to have a Caleb someday, only-I'm-not-a-doll-collector-of-course.

Well, yeah, I did get past that particular form of idiocy. And it only took thirty years.

Overalls by Bobondoll, and how cool is it that this MSD piece fits Sashas, with the legs rolled up? Sweater and shoes are Caleb's own.

Edited to add one more: Lyon in briefs from DollSecrets.

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