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Random pictures on an icy morning
Sasha Blaze
ZERO daylight here, urk. Note to self: buy a set of those Reveal lightbulbs for the living room, already.

Now I'll turn the keyboard over to someone who never got a proper introduction (mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa):

Um, hi, everybody! I'm Nessa. My full name is Agness Choa, but I think that sounds like an old lady's name, so I won't let anybody call me that unless they're really, really mad at me. But people don't usually get mad at me, because, you know, I love the whole world, I really do. When I graduate from high school, I'm going to move to Seattle and be a barista at a really cool independent coffeehouse that, you know, cares about the environment and uses recycled everything. Because, you know, I'm an elf, and elves really care about protecting the trees and the forests and the water and everything. I'm getting all emo just thinking about the trees and the forests now. I mean, I know there's environment here in Kansas, but I just don't feel prairie grass. Trees are spiritual. You know, like the Ents and stuff.

This is me and my sister Claudine.

Claudine keeps rolling her eyes when I talk to her but, you know, she talks a lot herself. That's how you can tell we're sisters. Claudine's boyfriend Flynn is really really REALLY handsome, but you know who I like best? The new guy, Kit. I don't think he's interested in dating right now, but I'm going to keep trying.

Kit rolls his eyes at me too, but he rolls his eyes at everything. And these are the twins.

They just ignore everybody and look snooty. They won't even tell us their names. Sejong says that's because they're Japanese and the rest of us are Korean, and he wants to challenge them to a swordfight to preserve our Korean honor, but I think we all need to be friends and whatever, and Sejong just needs to chill.

That's all. 'Bye for now.

Edit to add meme gacked from tubbysnuggles (this is my result, not Nessa's, as if you couldn't guess):

You Are Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

You take the title "mad scientist" to the extreme -with very scary things coming out of your lab.
And you've invented some pretty cool things, from a banana sharpener to a robot politician.
But while you're busy turning gold into cottage cheese, you need to watch out for poor little Beaker!
"Oh, that's very naughty, Beaker! Now you eat these paper clips this minute."
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I vote....

LOL, I am mad crushing on the twins, and poor Claudine looks like Nessa is chatting her to death.

If I ever stop working, I'll get pics of my new boy.

Oh, huh. Like Claudine doesn't dish it out herself . . . she just hates being dethroned from her position as Cutest and Only-CH Girl. ;-)

Yeah, a throwdown between Sejong and the twins is definitely coming. Plus the moment when poor Atsumori has it pointed out to him that he is not, in fact, Japanese.

AGH, I hope people get back to work soon, and give you a break! (It does seem like family funerals run in batches--about half my department lost parents between June and December of 2001.)

Claudine, I think, is just vaguely wondering what the heck is up with the giant bow on top of her head. Sabrina is sort of giggling at her right now, you know. Um.

The twins are just too gorgeous. I love NESSA!! She's adorable. Gotta love them tree-huggers.

and omg you were honeydew. ROFLLL

Well, we were having a Sweet Lolita moment there . . . the giant bow went with the dress . . . is this working at all? ;-)

My first result was Animal, but, er, that was clearly a programming error.

I want to see Nessa's EARRRRSSSSS!!

I love her style -- so cute!

And I'm giggling at the tone of her commentary on everyone else *grin* Kit looks awesome in that wig, btw!

-- A ^_^

Her ears are sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute! Only they're also so subtle and small that I can't figure out how to get a picture of them without photographing her bald. Hmmmm. I wish I were good with hair, and could trim a wig the right way.

That wig is just PERFECT on Kit--the only ones I like on him so far are that one and the wine bowl-cut. He's just determined to be difficult. ;-)

See.. this is what I mean.
I loved the limited Agness Choa, and her faceup was wonderful. I was trying to see if it was a HB faceup...but it could be Kana. And I just don't remember. These limited/unique dolls have the most wonderful faceups.
Love seeing her.^^

Love the twins, that I do. I find the heads from this company very intriguing. Congrats on them....^^

Poor Kit, he needs a friend. He looks so sad.....
He's a dolltown, right? All beautiful babies....

I've been assuming that the Agness faceups were by HB, mainly because of the eyebrows; I'm pretty sure that Claudine has an HB faceup, and her eyebrows are exactly like Nessa's. But I need to send some pictures to CH and see what they say--they were so nice about identifying Sparrow as Uyuchagongbang's work.

*enabling for Minawadou* ;-)

And yes, Kit is a Dollstown Mui--he's just exquisite in person (and what a beautiful body sculpt, too!), but I can't get him to come across that well in photographs. His expression is much more complex than it looks to the camera, wah! Surely I'll hit on the right angle one of these days, though.

HOW beautiful! I love her! I also am in love with Kit, I want him - my Birthday is coming up (hint, hint). lol

Heh! I will keep your birthday in mind, dear . . . Kit will wave at you, how's that? ^_^

Nessa is just adorable!! And she looks great in all the clothes that are a little too funky for Claudine--so I just wiped out most of my sale pile, lol.

(Deleted comment)
Aaaarrrggghhhh. Of course, the twins are just going to look down their regal feline noses at the shrimpy little Korean warrior, and walk away . . .

Kit does the exasperated sullen teenage eyeroll thing very, very well. ^_^

wo0t! A hippie elf - that could be the same speech I hear weekly from any number of my neighbors....eep! She's a serious cutie! Love the retro outfit look, too!

The twins - gah! I have another one of those braided wigs if you're interested, hon.

Kit - c'mon, boy wake up and tell us more about WHO you are!!!!

I swear--I opened the box expecting an ethereal beauty, and instead I got Miss Wannabe Barista Tree Hugger. She *looked* like an ethereal beauty in the auction pictures, that's all I have to say. ;-)

Mmmmmmmmmm, thanks, but I think one of the braided wigs will do me, since I can't see anyone else wearing one. *looking around for another candidate, but finding none* (I did plop the one I got from Bel onto Twin Brother-kun's head, just to see what it would look like, but the effect was pretty horrifying.)

I'm not getting a firm read on Kit yet. He's fallen right into place in terms of wigs and eyes and clothes and where he'll sit--you know--but I'm struggling to capture this sculpt with the camera, and that means his personality isn't quite in focus, either. Some sunlight would help, instead of this gray icy murk!

Darn now I'm in love with Kit.

This is so cute, Nessa is so sweet and damnably familiar in her talk and ideas. My little tree sprite may have to make his way onto my LJ soon.

Argh. A BJD lending library, I say. That's the answer to all these whirlwind romances. ;-)

Nessa is bewildered. You mean she isn't completely original in her talk and ideas? She *feels* original, she really, REALLY does . . .


Nessa is the best dressed inviornmentlist i've ever seen ..that looks like Italian day wear from Milan,heehee

Ha! Consistency isn't one of Nessa's virtues, sad to say. It's all part of being 16, I s'pose. ;-)

Nessa's a total doll. (Gar, dangit, that compliment doesn't WORK in this hobby!) A total cutie, then.

Claudine's dress made me have a grab-spasm.

The twins are love - and that wig suits the hell out of, er, Her.

Kit? Needs hugs. Many hugs, and perhaps involvement in some sort of confidence-building sport. Or perhaps ballet?

Meme: I got Animal, YAAAAY!

Hee! I'm beginning to think that the twins will have to be Him and Her, like LBJ's beagles. And isn't the wig fabulous? Just the right blend of schoolgirl charm and Black Widow poison.

Hey, you want that dress for Elsie? It's really beautiful, but I don't know that it's exactly our thing, long-term. PM me, or use my hotmail addy (since CableOne and Comcast are still not speaking to each other): sedens81 AT hotmail, you know.

Kit observes icily that he was a cross-country runner in his demon high school, and that he does not suffer from a lack of confidence, thanks all the same. *insert sound effect of slamming door*

Teenage boys. What can you do? XD

Oh Nessa is sooo pretty! ^-^
And the twins are stunning as always, you just have to love those faces :)

Awwwww, thank you! {{{{hugs}}}}

Nessa is hysterically funny ... Gotta love her.
Claudine is gussied up in quite a pretty outfit! The bit about the twins is very funny. Go Sejong, they do look snooty!

Sejong has NO room to talk, since he's Mr. Snooty himself. Takes one to know one . . .

Yeah, Claudine went all Sweet Loli for Christmas, but I think there's one too many huge bows on that particular outfit--it sort of overpowers her. Very nice sewing, though (it's from lovelyplatform on eBay).

Nessa is huge, huge fun! Putting those glasses on her absolutely made her character pop into 3D.

Cool pics! Sorry I have been absent...will fill you in on the gories when I can find a spare minute.


Hope there's some good news in the gories????!!! And no worries--there's nothing much coming down here except ice.

You have the most amazing doll family . . . I LOVE them. They are so beautiful, unique and so different from my doll family. But that's what I love . . . seeing the variety that inspires everyone. XD

And your Nessa is to die for . . . love her wonderful retro look!! ^____^

Isn't that the truth? It's the range of dolls and styles (and photo styles) and ways of playing with them that make this hobby so interesting, no doubt about it!

Nessa is an absolute riot--I do want to try making her more elegant and sophisticated some time, but for now, she's a lot of fun in these kinds of looks.

From bubbly effusion to dreamy angst to haute imperiousity (and if that's not a word, it is now) ... never a dull moment out there on those prairie plains.

Just tell Nessa if she ever wearies of unspiritual grass, I've got trees. Lots and lots of verdant, lush ones ripe for the hugging. And she's welcome anytime!

It's frightening, how easy I find it to amuse myself . . . ;-)

And even though Nessa doesn't seem to notice, there are four glorious huge old oak trees *on this very lot*. Plus a mimosa tree, a crabapple tree, and the ancient junipers on the property line. The grass is always greener in Seattle, though.