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The insane squirrel knits again! Also, omake.
Sasha Blaze
If you see anything you want, please e-mail me (sedens81 AT hotmail, since my Cableone address isn't working with all ISPs at the moment)!

Chestnut stripe: all wool, snap-back closure, Dollshe size. $35 shipped anywhere.

Firecoal stripe: wool and cotton, snap-back closure, Dollshe size (though it's a little shorter in the body and neck, so would work well on an SD16). $35 shipped anywhere.

(SPOKEN FOR) Pumpkin nubby: Italian wool blend, pulls over the head, Dollshe size. $30 shipped anywhere.

My lanky sweethearts . . .

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Holy cow, C, you are just amazing. That pumpkin nubbly one is utter LUFF, and wouldn't it just look peachy on Balian with his dark green cargoes and crazy white hair?? Why, yes it would, indeed.

As for the sweethearts ... *melts*


I'm coming to the end of that nubbly yarn, *sniffle*--I had it in three colors, and just wish I had bought more when it was available. (The nubs are teal, by the way.)

Lyon! *gasp* Sweaters! *pant*

Atsu and Mally!



*offering a hand to help you up*

Emailing you in a minnit!! ^_^

Lovely sweaters.....I was lucky to receive a special gift of one of your beauties for my Julian, so I owe you some picspam.

I adore that last shot.....Atsu looks uncharacteristically grumpy?

Ooooo, the blue one with the cream and tan pattern, perchance? I was particularly fond of that one--if it's made its way to Julian, that's very cool, because I made it for his previous identity. ;-)

Atsu is looking extremely grumpy these days. I don't think he likes this wig, and I think he's getting tired of not having his clothes changed. *sigh* It's hard to keep all of them happy all the time . . .

Yup, that's the sweater!

I really like that wig on Atsu....it's much better than the froofy one.

Ahhhhhhh, Sweater Synchronicity! It's a wondrous thing. :-)

I like the *concept* of this wig on Atsu very much, but I need to order a 7/8 for him; this 8/9 keeps flying off his head, even with multiple rubber bands underneath. Hence the grumpiness, heh.

Yeah, I'd probably be a tad testy myself if my hair kept winging off.
Kane (Wu) has that problem, poor boy.

ummmm, wonders what the top sweater would look like on a tan dollshe boy....

Now that is a very good question . . . would the chestnut color clash with the tan, or disappear into it, or be a nice tonal combination?

The only tan I have is Flynn, with that original dark/orangy CH tan; I'm quite sure that's a totally different color from Dollshe tan, but this afternoon I can try this sweater on him just to see what happens colorwise.

Your photos are really beautiful and I'm a big Hound fan. I feel as if I know you and yet I just checked (twice!) and you're not in my friends list. I don't understand it, I even recognise your user picture. Shall we be friends? :D

Oh, yes, and yes again! Though . . . nope, you're the one who takes beautiful photos, and then does amazing artistic things with them. (*pause for fangirl moment*, since your pictures were some of the first I came across when I discovered BJDs in early 2004. I'm trying to remember how I saw them--I think it must have been via Karin's LJ, where I lurked for ages.) ^_^

Oh my........... many thanks x
Odd that I was convinced I already knew you and couldn't understand why your photos weren't showing in my f/list!

Yay! You're back, I missed you posting! ^_^

LOVE that last photo especially . . . Atsu DOES look very grumpy, though -- do you suppose someone leaked the info that he's not Japanese after all?? Or perhaps it's the rubber bands on his head giving him a cranky noggin, hehe.

I love the range of expressions you're able to coax out of your crew!

-- A (and *oooh* nice sweaters!)

Awwwww, *hugs*! It was a tiresome stretch, last week, and this is turning out to be another one--no real problems, just pokey little burrs under the saddle. I'm still not feeling very motivated, but that's January for you . . .

Poor Atsu. No wigs fit him, his stringing is a mess, and on top of it all he isn't really Japanese. I'd be grumpy, too.

No, wait. I already am grumpy. Whoops.


All of them are so nice and your boy really worked the sweaters! Do you make them in SD16 size?

Awww, thank you! The middle one here (the black and black/rust tweed) came out SD16 sized, and would look much better on the Big Guy than it does on a spidery Dollshe. ;-) I'll definitely be coming up with more one of these days, once I finish off some projects that are already on the needles . . . do you have any favorite color combinations?

Hi Cynthia,
I sent you an email on the 22nd...did you receive it?

ps. LOve the Omake shot of your lanky couple !*!*!*

Oh, argh, I'm sorry--I'm doing a HORRIBLE job of keeping up with emails this week! *toddling off to check the hotmail account*

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