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Posting this picture for blukat (and because I liked it . . .)
Sasha Blaze
Flynn, dear Flynn. I still can't believe that he lives with me.

For a "non-realistic" style of BJD, he certainly looks awake and aware, hm? It's almost enough to incline one toward the animistic or Shinto view of the spirits in things. But, then, this guy *is* special . . .

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He's Gorgeous !*!*!*!*
and I love him in that sweater and jeans !*!**!

*waving to Grae*!! These CH tan guys have to stick together . . .

Gawd, he's so pretty!
Love the wig.....why do fur wigs always look so awesome on everyone else's dolls, and on mine they look like reject hats.

Heh . . . I have plenty of fur wigs that look like reject hats, believe you me! But when they work, they REALLY work. (This is Flynn's default; CH fur wigs tend to look more realistic for me than most others. Would that they'd get on the stick and start making them again.)

I do have one shorter blond and one red CH fur wig, but they tend to run small.
I used to love their fur pics.....but as long as we are wishing, let's get them to restock the good eyes, too.

I'm just sick that I didn't save a ton of those fur-wig pics--the Gene that modeled most of them was adorable. GAH, lost BJD history . . .

Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful to see those good eyes again? I only wish Claudine's and Nessa's defaults weren't so close to the same color--I'd love to have more of a change, instead of two almost-identical shades of blue.

And while we're wishing, I wish Tensiya would get those "sorrow" eyes back in stock. *sniffle*

Love how his resin matches that sweater.

It does work, doesn't it? I'm glad blukat gave me the nudge to try the combo!

ummm, it does really warm him up! both visually and as anyone who ever had a favorite sweater knows...I like how it brings out the color in the wig also!

Very very nice! I knew it would look good! :)

The combination of those two yarns is one of my all-time favorites--I love warm colors, and these two are yummy together. :-)

What great fortune to have Flynn back on my friends list again. I wasn't sure where he'd got to. Brilliant. Hello Flynn! Love him. xxx

Oh, yes!!!! From Lynn to Karin, and from Karin to me--the last move was a big event around here this past autumn.

Since Flynn and Jude were the first BJDs I ever saw--in Lynn's FDQ article back when--and since they're the reason I bought a CH Gene in the first place, it is sheer delight to have Flynn living with me now. And it was so kind of Lynn and Karin to agree to let the name go with him, too. It just wouldn't have been right to rename him, somehow.

that sweater's awesome. he is so cool. whee!

I even like the too-long sleeves on him, woot! So now I know that my Dollshe-size pattern is pretty much universal, depending on the look somebody might be after. Wheeeeeee . . .

Flynn is such a special lad ... every time I see him, I feel infused with deep contentment. And on the days when I could care less if people think me a dingbat, I'm perfectly happy to wax poetical about animistic views and the spirit-ful dimensions I sense in these wonders.

Oh, yes, yes, yes!!! And I love the way Flynn has moved from adoring owner to adoring owner in a sort of royal progress; for me, he is really one of the princes of BJDdom. It's kind of him to agree to settle at my house for this stage of his life. ;-)

OMG, that skin tone is just delicious! The wig and sweater really compliments the yumminess.

I love the original CH tan--it's such a rich color that even glare (like this) can't wash it out. And Flynn works so well as a blond beach boy!

There is something very expressive about him .. cant put my finger on what exactly it is though, the eyes, the mouth .. perhaps its his wholeness instead of just one part?
Loved the shadows in his pic

He does have such personality--and yes, I think it's the whole rather than any individual feature. *much CH love*

The sun does interesting things in my living room around four in the afternoon, wheeee! :-)

He is a special boy...

Got any new Shunshou spam? I could use the pick me up. Oh! And Kiele says SHE wants to see his option part.


Hah! Just for that, I'll do a photoshoot of the option part all by itself . . . ;-)

(Deleted comment)
I do kinda think he's absorbed the affection that three of us have lavished on him in a row--not to mention the affection that CH put into making him, back in the day. If any of the BJDs here is entering Velveteen Rabbitdom, it would be Flynn!

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