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Someone special is home again!
Sasha Blaze
Pen has a lot of catching up to do . . . but those photoshoots will come. So will better portraits, but I was too excited to do a good photo setup, heh. Right now, it's lovely just to have my Best Boy back in the house again. Evenstar did him proud!

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Oh, squee! - he's *gorgeous!* What a treat.

He really, really, really is! And it's wonderful to have my whole crew home and looking all spiffy. ^_^


That sweatshirt looks super-soft and cuddly . . . argh, now I wish I was wearing something made of velour right now ;>


-- A <3

Ooooyeah, this is one of those pieces I wish I could blow up to human size just by wiggling my nose. ;-)

**hugs back** for the cold-ridden Andi!

Ohhh, he's beautiful!
I love the last shot.

He still looks like he doesn't quite approve of most of what goes on around here, lollllllll. You can take the faceup off the boy, but you can't take the boy out of the faceup . . .

He can actually wear something other than pale blond wigs!!! Woooooooohooooo!! ;-)

He is very pretty! :3 Congrats!

Thanks!! And what a pretty userpic, squee!

Yay! Pen is home! I've missed seeing him. ^_^

He looks great...I also love what he's wearing. Did you make it?

Oooo, no, I *wish*--this is the first DollHeart "Street Raider" outfit, from a couple of years ago. The skirt thingy isn't quite Pen's style, but the hoodie and pants are great classic pieces. I keep wishing DollHeart would do more outfits like this one, but they're just not on that frequency at the moment.

It's lovely to see him. He looks very lovely. Makes me miss Pascal (CH Gene), his head's been with Alishia since November. But he's coming home soon too. Love Pen's mouth. I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of him!

My happy old-school CH crew is all together again--it's a nice way to start the year! And I'll keep an eye peeled to see what Alishia does with your Pascal; the classic CH heads are still and always my favorites, and I love seeing them get spruced up. ^_^

So soft and wistful. *lesigh*

Nice nice look for him.

He's still reserving judgment on the world at large--just exactly the way he always did. ;-) But, wow, finally his beautiful default blue-grey eyes don't look too dark! *loves*

Beautiful! How lucky you were to get in on her queue! He looks fantastic! Love the subdued colours - hair and clothing, too!

He truly wouldn't have looked like himself at all with a bright faceup--one of the things I've always loved about Rachel's work is her sensitivity to the old-style CH heads and CH studio faceup styles. And she even kept the little chip/scar on his lower lip that I'd gotten attached to!

Oh, I'm so happy for you (and what a treat for my momentary break from The Grind). He is just gorgeous. LUFFS these eyes with the colouring. And damn, but he's got the cutest chin going!

Happy homecoming, sweet boy!!

Aren't the Gene and Jun chins LOVE?? I'm a huge fan of the original Custom House style, and I'm thrilled with the way Rachel has channeled and updated it for my sweetie-boy.

oh.... oh, pen. I am so so so happy he's home.

he looks AMAZING. and that faceup won't rub off neither!!!!!!!!

hurrahhhhhhhhhhh penpenpenpen

Jenna says hi ... ^__^

I think I'm gonna have to do the photoshoot where Pen emails Jenna . . . "There are all these new people around here, and most of them are strange. Don't believe anything you hear about me and a girl named Nessa, okay?"

He is really gorgeous Cynthia!! WOW! Congratulations! Love the coloring of his faceup too. ^____^

So tell me, what was your secret to get a commission from Evenstar when she doesn't take commissions anymore? Think you've got a lucky star or something!! ;)

No secret; Pen has been on Rachel's waiting list since the days when she was taking commissions. It was kind of her to go back and pick up on that old request--and well worth the wait!

Wow! He's beautiful. I love the last picture the most. Can I kidnap him? My boys want another brother but I'm too broke to afford another one.

Hee! Erm, nope, I don't think he's going anywhere . . . unless he gets bored. If he runs away, I'll check your place first--

Oh wow he looks so gorgeous :D
How lucky you are to have gotten a face up by Evenstar ^-^

Oh, MY, yes--I do so love Rachel's work, and I really (*really*!) appreciate her doing this faceup from her old commission list.