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Someone special is home again!
Sasha Blaze
Pen has a lot of catching up to do . . . but those photoshoots will come. So will better portraits, but I was too excited to do a good photo setup, heh. Right now, it's lovely just to have my Best Boy back in the house again. Evenstar did him proud!

Seems like old times. Only prettier.Collapse )
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He's BACK !*!* Congrats C!
It's so lovely to see him with you again **~*~
and he looks Great !*!*!*

He is, he is, he IS, all that and then some!!!! And still looking as if he intends to have a Serious Talk with me about something or other. I swear, he came out of the box with a lot on his mind, in the very beginning . . . ;-)

BTW, I'm doing a lousy job of getting emails answered, but I do have one SD16-size sweater on hand right now: the black and black/rust striped turtleneck, an entry or two back. Otherwise, once I get some current projects finished off, I'll see what I can dream up! ^_^