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Someone special is home again!
Sasha Blaze
Pen has a lot of catching up to do . . . but those photoshoots will come. So will better portraits, but I was too excited to do a good photo setup, heh. Right now, it's lovely just to have my Best Boy back in the house again. Evenstar did him proud!

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It's lovely to see him. He looks very lovely. Makes me miss Pascal (CH Gene), his head's been with Alishia since November. But he's coming home soon too. Love Pen's mouth. I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of him!

My happy old-school CH crew is all together again--it's a nice way to start the year! And I'll keep an eye peeled to see what Alishia does with your Pascal; the classic CH heads are still and always my favorites, and I love seeing them get spruced up. ^_^

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