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Someone special is home again!
Sasha Blaze
Pen has a lot of catching up to do . . . but those photoshoots will come. So will better portraits, but I was too excited to do a good photo setup, heh. Right now, it's lovely just to have my Best Boy back in the house again. Evenstar did him proud!

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oh.... oh, pen. I am so so so happy he's home.

he looks AMAZING. and that faceup won't rub off neither!!!!!!!!

hurrahhhhhhhhhhh penpenpenpen

Jenna says hi ... ^__^

I think I'm gonna have to do the photoshoot where Pen emails Jenna . . . "There are all these new people around here, and most of them are strange. Don't believe anything you hear about me and a girl named Nessa, okay?"

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