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Today is a holiday, did you know?
January 29th is Kansas Day! ;-)

In the 1940s, there was a radio hit that went like so. Grade-school kids from small Kansas towns were still learning it in the 1960s:

I was born in Kansas, I was bred in Kansas,
And when I get married, I'll be wed in Kansas.
There's a true-blue gal who promised she would wait,
She's a sunflower from the Sunflower State.

(Oh, Flynn! Sunflowers are my FAVORITE, they really are! See, wasn’t it a good idea to do this for Kansas Day?)

She's a sunflower, she's my sunflower,
And I'll know we'll never part.
She's a sunflower, she's my one flower,
She's the flower of my heart.

Skies are fair in Kansas, clouds are rare in Kansas,
There’s no place on earth that can compare to Kansas,
So I’m going home to keep a wedding date
With my sunflower from the Sunflower State.

(Oh, no, you don’t, laddie. It will take more than weeds from the roadside to make me believe you’re sorry, that it will.)

She’s a sunflower, she’s my sunflower,
And I know we’ll never part.
She’s a sunflower, she’s my one flower,
She’s the flower of my heart.

Troubles end in Kansas, folks unbend in Kansas,
Everyone you'll meet will be your friend in Kansas,
And they'll all be there to help me celebrate
With my sunflower from the Sunflower State.

(This is a most peculiar festival, otouto-san. Do you suppose it has something to do with the Sunflower Samurai?)

She's a sunflower, she's my sunflower,
And I'll know we'll never part.
She's a sunflower, she's my one flower,
She's the flower of my heart.

Oh, the moon is brighter and the stars are bluer,
And the gals are sweeter and their hearts are truer,
And I'm here to say there's one who's really great--
She's that sunflower from the Sunflower State.


She's a sunflower, she's my sunflower,
And I'm sure we'll never part.
She's a sunflower, she's my one flower,
She's the flower of my heart.

You were wondering about the backup singers, perhaps?

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Aaawwwwww ! So cute !!!
LOL! "
(Oh, no, you don’t, laddie. It will take more than weeds from the roadside to make me believe you’re sorry, that it will.)"

"(This is a very peculiar festival, omouto-san. Do you suppose it has something to do with the Sunflower Samurai?)"

I loved this post! So sweet and cute..and entertaining.!
...your models so beautiful ! and ...the backup singers are hilariously trying to look so disinterested....!

~* Thank You C ~*~*
you've made being up on Monday morning worth it! hee-heee!

Hee! I was plotting this all weekend--my original plan was much more elaborate, but in the end I couldn't get the photos to turn out well enough to post. We do what we can . . . ;-) I'm glad this gave you a giggle; Mondays always need some lightening up.

The day you actually get Seijong to sing, I'll eat my shirt with ketchup, yes I will!
He looks like he's planning on putting poison on the flowers, to use as a weapon.

Great pics, I love Pen's uncooperative look, and poor Atsu-san looks SO sincere!

Ahhhhhh . . . never challenge an 8th-century warrior.

(On a single loud and out-of-tune note) LA. LA LA LA. LA. LAAAAAAA.

He wants photographic evidence of the ketchup, by the way.

Poor Atsu-san is in big, big trouble: he's been on the Internet again. Photostory to come, heh heh heh.

Atsumori is about to fall over, hee . . . but the Dollmore Model body is absolutely fantastic, and will hold all kinds of poses forever. *loves*

lyon's SOO like "yeah um count me out, i'm reading"

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i'm DYING to hear this melody!!!!!!!! ha ha haaaaaa

and pen looks adorable with Nessa. he really does. Jenna's pretending she didn't see it.

"Reading here. Reading, reading, reading. Not hearing any of this lunacy, nope. Did I mention that I'm reading?"

The melody is quite a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies theme, if that helps . . .

Pen looks DESPERATE, that's how he looks. Nessa is pretty determined, under that airheaded elfin cuteness.

*giggles* I loved this photoshoot!! You were so clever to pull several different Kansas themes together and share all your dolls in different vinettes responding to said theme. LOL! ♥ ^__________^

Aw, thanks! It was fun to put this together. (The local public-radio station started running Kansas Day stories last week, and they all used "Sunflower" in the background. It got stuck in my head, and I had to do something to get it out!)

cynthia, your photos are gorgeous and so are all of your dolls. flynn looks great in his sweater. love the color on him.

Thank you, dear Paul! Yup, Flynn gets to keep that sweater; it really does suit him. With so much color in the resin, it's a little hard to dress him sometimes (not that I mind trying, lol).

Oh Cynthia! I love these pics! Especially Atsu and Mally...what the heck did that boy DO to make her look like that?

And Oneesan and Otouto-chan are just too wonderful. I love their pics!

(Still stuck and need you when you have time...)

Ahhhhhhh, All Will Be Revealed one of these days. Atsumori needs to learn to stay off the computer, that's all I have to say. ;-)

I am completely floored by the twins, I truly am: they are amazing, amazing, amazing! *loves the Artist*

Aaaaaand I'm a-comin' on email--yesterday got weird (had to solve insurance problems, retirement account problems, travel problems . . . uuuuuggggghhhhh).

This was a fantastic post, Cynthia! It really made me smiiiiile. :3 Love all the scenarios as well as the back up singers. ^__^

I need someone to buy me sunflowers!

(PS - Could I see the tats on your Bella Auden? I don't think I've ever seen close ups of her, but I would love to see her arm sleeve.)

Another post script xD
Did Pen get a new faceup? Ugh, am I so out of the doll loop that I don't even know what's going on??

Working IRL sucks. :( I think I need to be an airplane mechanic instead of a paper pusher.

I can't seem to get good shots of Mally Lee's gorgeous tats (unsteady hands, too lazy to get out the tripod), but Rachel has amazing ones on her website (wheeeeee, lookie, it's my girl!!):


I do love sunflowers, and it's not just because I'm a native Kansan. They're so aggressively upbeat--

And yes, Pen does indeed have a new faceup. His default finally faded so badly that he just about didn't have any face left--and right then, Rachel decided to take the last few commissions on her old waiting list from two years back. So I sent him off, and he just came back a few days ago, all spiffy and elegant!

WHOA! THose pictures are amazing! I thought the first one was amazing and then I scrolled down! I may have a heart attack!

...that was awsome.

Awwwwwww, *hugs*! I'm completely fascinated by what you're doing with the room--I can't WAIT to see how the Bernard Project develops!!

I just... can't. The Atsu/Mally photo has DONE ME IN, and I have nothing of worth to say (except that I forgot, forgot!!! that she has so many tattoos, yay!)

I love the whole thing, I do, but am struck d.e.d. by Mally giving the Hand to Atsumori.

Sejong, meanwhile, is NOT singing, and is contemplating how best to use a bouquet of sunflowers as a cache of weapons.

SEJONG (in an intimidating monotone): LA. LA LA. LA. LAAAAAAAAAAH. An airborne poison would be effective, I think. LA LA LA. LA.

Atsumori has been, er, tactless in his Internet surfing. News at ten. ;-)

Love love LOVE. That is all.

Well, that, and keep a lock on your dolly-clothes-closet, because I'd love to come over and raid it someday!! ;>

These pics have SO much personality, I don't know where to start giving individual praise . . . so I'll just *squee* in general!!

-- A :D

Oh, wouldn't it be fun to get together with all our bins of stuff? *loving the idea*

*daunted by trying to get all the bins of stuff on an airplane*

LOLLLLLL! *hugs*

What gorgeous dolls they all are. They all look so very animated and relaxed at the same time. I love the (earthy) colour tones and textures in these photos.

Thank you!! I'm lucky to have one good background--it's a wall-sized canvas (painted by a faculty member in the days when I was chair of an art department) with lots of subtle color and texture. Otherwise, I have zero photo setup . . . need to work on this . . . ;-)

I could just gobble up your delightful creativity. Could you please find a way to distill some of it, bottle it (attractively, of course, for you would do it no other way) and send it to me? I don't know if I'm more head over heels for your dolls or you!! LOL

That said, all the flower photo ops are grand (hard-hearted Mally Lee!!) ... but I'm mad for the backup singers, all of whom seem quite dejected to have missed the opportunity for a leading role.

You are such a treat!!

Oh, nooooooo, Mally Lee is entirely in the right on this! You'll see, you'll see, you'll see.

(Well, okay, maybe not ENTIRELY. But pretty close.)

Amazing, what ideas a bunch of craft-store miniature flowers can suggest! And I have to say that the backup singers amused me greatly, too. My Norwegian bachelor farmers, they are. (Shunshou the Mighty would have been in the chorus line too, except he was dismembered on the dining-room table while his eyelash glue dried.)

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