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Is this random, or what?
Sasha Blaze
I was just tidying up my Dollpage photo album, and ran across some pictures that I kinda liked but don't think I ever got around to posting. Herewith, in no particular order and with no storyline at all, at all:

These two are AAAAALLLL tubbysnuggles's fault:


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what's that wig lyon's wearing in the pic with the mighty shunshou? that might look good on Siobhan! he is so beautiful. shunshou is... an adorable kitty and i'd love to rub his tummy.

heeyyyy don't blame ME for the flock of seagulls pics! and i ran... i ran so far awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

lollllllll! Actually, the more that wig hangs around the house, the more I like it . . . I might keep it after all, 'k?

And that's a Poshdolls wig on Lyon in the first picture--it's universally pretty, looks good on everybody from Pen to Mally Lee. I think the color was Ginger, maybe?

Shunshou says *purrrrrrrrr* and can he see some topless Unoa pics, please, Sher-san?

I have that wig and no one ever uses it... email me if you're interested. Maybe we can trade?

I've really got a thing for your photos, you have such a way with pattern, tone and texture it gives me quite a thrill to look at them. I never knew portraits could be this exciting to look at! That hair..... omg that hair is really fantastic.

Oh, dear . . . *blushing furiously,* because honestly, I only have about a quarter of a clue what I'm doing with a camera. I point, I shoot, sometimes I think the results are pretty.

Isn't that wig amazing? It's from LeekeWorld--tubbysnuggles bought it, couldn't use it, and sent it on to see what it would be like on a Saint head.

OMG look at the cute little kitty!

SHUNSHOU: mrrrrrrooowwwwwwrrrrrrr. Wanna see my option part?

Bwahahahhaahahah!! Line of the day!!

-- A :D

I love your kitty boy :D He is so cuuuuuute!!
And the twins look stunning again :)

Shunshou is the most evil-minded B-el I've ever seen--don't be fooled by the cute kitty disguise! ;-)


I love your 'extra' unseen shots! You've got some gorgeous photo here - BEAUTIFUL!! My 'extra' unseen shots never look quite as good. :P

Oh, believe me, there are plenty of shots that never see the light of day! I've never had the heart to figure up my ratio of losers to winners . . . ;-)

I still love that wig on Oneesan.

And you know how Kiele and I feel about Shunshou the Mighty...

Hope you are doing well. (Sorry I have been so silent again... :/ )

Oneesan looks good in EVERYTHING. She's already sold a couple of phenomenally awful wigs for me on DoA, just by agreeing to model them . . .

Argh, it's Silent Week all over. Back atcha!

the kimono pic is one of my favs.

She really took to that blonde wig--I wasn't expecting it at all! :-)

I found you through my daughter, (Denaliwind's) LJ... Your dolls are sooooo BEAUTIFUL,FANTASTIC and oh so WONDERFUL!!!!!!!I am so breathless............ *catch my breath*

Hello, hello, hello, and welcome!!!! Also, *blush*

Oh, Atsu ... no wonder he was trying to make up with Mally Lee with the flowers. So, does he not do the turtleneck thing?

Onee-san is looking particularly lovely in that pic. Things she no doubt didn't mind modelling that day, hm? One can see why.

And, yeah ... I wanna see the option part.

Ahhhh, the freakish wig is nothing compared to the real transgression. *Nothing.* Just you wait and see!

I still think I like Onee-san best in the wild crimpy brown wig, but she does take beautifully to just about anything. <3 And hmmmmm, maybe what I need to do is do a photoshoot starring the option part on its own . . .

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