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Well, um, yeah.


--one pair of achy, stiff wrists, thanks to terrible computer setup and too much knitting.

--one new, small, but gloriously light-filled office completely moved into on campus, YESSSSS!

--nine hiragana characters that my brain refuses to remember

--two receptions coming up at my house for department-chair candidates

--one attack of Tiny Love:

--zero new pictures

--zero posts during the DoA gefuffle over age, maturity, and shock value

No, I haven't ordered the Namoo, but I'm thisclose. What's holding me back is that I never loved my CH LJ Jupiter as much as I wanted to--granted, that was a mini rather than a tiny, but the principle still holds--and wound up selling him after a year or so. I'm not sure I'm a little-kid-doll person (well, except for the Sashas, but that's a whole 'nother genre). But something about that solemn, mildly disapproving Namoo face and topheavy body is hitting me where I live. Hrm.

The twins would like to make an announcement, before I head for the grocery store:

HE: We find the phenomenon of "zombie victim twincest" to be undignified, unappealing, and messy.
SHE: However, We can kill you with Our brains.
HE: Happy Valentine's Day. Eat chocolate. Banzai.
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