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Well, um, yeah.

--one pair of achy, stiff wrists, thanks to terrible computer setup and too much knitting.

--one new, small, but gloriously light-filled office completely moved into on campus, YESSSSS!

--nine hiragana characters that my brain refuses to remember

--two receptions coming up at my house for department-chair candidates

--one attack of Tiny Love: http://notdolllab.com/shop/step1.php?number=395

--zero new pictures

--zero posts during the DoA gefuffle over age, maturity, and shock value

No, I haven't ordered the Namoo, but I'm thisclose. What's holding me back is that I never loved my CH LJ Jupiter as much as I wanted to--granted, that was a mini rather than a tiny, but the principle still holds--and wound up selling him after a year or so. I'm not sure I'm a little-kid-doll person (well, except for the Sashas, but that's a whole 'nother genre). But something about that solemn, mildly disapproving Namoo face and topheavy body is hitting me where I live. Hrm.

The twins would like to make an announcement, before I head for the grocery store:

HE: We find the phenomenon of "zombie victim twincest" to be undignified, unappealing, and messy.
SHE: However, We can kill you with Our brains.
HE: Happy Valentine's Day. Eat chocolate. Banzai.

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GOD I adore them!!
So pretty and so pissy, just like I like 'em.

They just don't look right to me apart, now--they're SO perfect together. I'm going to be doing a ton of color-coordinated shopping, I can see that . . .

Ahahaha that's so funny!
*nervously says* Happy Valentine's Day do you to too...please don't kill me!

's okay--I just checked their little list, and neither of us is on it! ^_^

Where HAVE you been? /missing

Twins - gah!!!

Um...but I love photo-illustrated zombie twincest tales of woe and debauchery, just, uh, don't tell my friends or family about my closet kink. And it IS my right to kinkify myself, don't ya know?

Winter doldrums, feh . . .

Hee! I can see a T-shirt with "RIGHTEOUSLY KINKIFIED" on the front. In, er, a Gothic font.

You know, I'm not much of a one for tinies, but my dear little Moly seems to possess such grandiosity of character that she is impossible to ignore, and despite that she seems very much a little-kid sort of doll, I can't imagine my lot without her. On top of which, your wee one looks remarkably like my increasingly-loved Soulkid Chase (and the larger counterpart, Myosung), that I am completely mad for him. What a perfect face ... do it, do it!!!

Oh, pffft, Brother-san and Sister-san ... let's take a peek behind that curtain of dignity!

A kerfuffle? And I missed it? Damn.

Behind the curtain of dignity is more dignity, and more dignity, and still more dignity--clothed, unclothed, it doesn't make an ounce of difference!

And, well, I DID do it. Paypal sent and everything. Now I get to wonder whether this was a stupid experiment or not . . . ;-)

The kerfuffle is still there to be marveled over on DoA (though now locked, thank goodness). I feel particularly old this weekend.

oh, what a grumpy looking little boy, reminds me of...

*Looks at photo* Ah!

Hey, I know where I've seen these two before! The school scenes in the movie "Serenity", right?

congrats on everything!

*snerk* My Sister-chan thinks she could beat up River Tam, of course . . .

oooyeah, I am hijjously predictable: I like the cantankerous ones, even in pint-size. ^_^

Those two can do whatever they want to me...seriously. O_o

I miss you!


*return glomps* and unfortunately the twins have very little interest in activities that involve humans . . . or Korean BJDs . . . or . . .

I love your posts. That is all.

Congrats on the new office!!

-- A :>

*wafting love back at you*

It had really started to prey on my mind that I didn't get everything moved before Christmas--but there just weren't enough hours. The news that the first candidate interview was coming up on Monday gave me the kick in the pants that I sorely needed (what, it's February already? When did that happen??).

*hugs!!!!* Their shrine is open from 2 to 4 on Sunday afternoons . . . XD

Yay for new office. I'd create zombies to have a real office. *instead of a cube*

Love your twins even if they aren't kinky. *g*

Heh. Since the old office very nearly made ME a zombie, I have to say it's a huge, huge, huge relief to have every last paper clip stuffed into the new one. All my books are double-shelved, which is not good, but I have a plan for dealing with that problem down the road.

The twins say that love is nice, but they prefer fear and trembling. ;-)

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