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Either Claudine got hold of the camera again, or . . .
. . . my familial shaky hands are worse than usual. But we're long overdue for some family snapshots, so please to be excusing the blur.

Introducing Cham Sae, the newest (and smallest) member of the resin crew:

Atsumori has retreated into the tokonoma and is refusing to come out and play:

Blurry or not, the twins manage to look superior to everyone else:

And Kit is trying on the frat-boy look for a while:

A slightly better picture of Cham Sae, minus the iffy blond bowl-cut:


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Cham Sae is adorable~~ :3

Squeeeeee, he is!!

Are you going to the KC meetup today? The weather sounds REALLY weird--and I'm trapped in a big Rotary thing (aaarrrgggghhh, don't ask!), so ugh. No meetup for me.

They are so beautiful!

What a cute little tiny one! Lookit he's so small! :o

UGH, I LOVE Dollstown...so much, SO much.

I'm a huge Dollstown convert--I still don't see a girl face that I adore, but when one turns up, I'll have a hard, hard time not buying her. Kit's body is just fabulous (with the one tiny exception of his fat ankles . . . he can't wear any boots I have, heh).

And Pipos Namoo is LOVE! He's the only tiny I've really desperately wanted. Soooooo cute and cranky--

Is it wrong of me to be partial to the twins? It's not like a conflict of interest or anything, right?

Love seeing the gang! (Where's Shunshou the Mighty?)

*snicker* Nah, I think it's okay for you to be a weeny bit biased . . .

I'm trying to pry Oneesan away from that wild brown wig, just to change things up a little, but on the other hand it looks SO GOOD on her. I'm frustrated in all the kimono sets I have, though: every one of them is so oversized it looks like she's a little girl playing in her mother's clothes. WHYYYYYYYYYY??? My boy kimono sets fit the boys perfect--I don't get why the girl sets are so huge. Gah.

And Shunshou the Mighty is sitting on the coffee table, looking pleased with the universe. I found him a pair of those goofy Minifee "Bogrunner" shoes with the copper toeplates, and he's doing the whole leprechaun thing quite nicely.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, "stubborn" is putting it mildly. He's like a tiny crabby classics professor: all stern disapproval and studious Roman stoicism. The Dutch-boy wig blunts that effect, so I think it will have to go--I'm betting that a fur wig will be just the ticket, if I can find the right size and color.

Wonderful photos - everyone looks...well...like themselves!

But they WON'T HOLD STILL. aaarrrrggghhhh.

hee hee hee hee . . .

yayyy piccies!!! (god seriously your dolls are all so gorgeous, lookit mally lee and the twins... garrr)

he is so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he thanks you for the eye relief! His default dark brown ones are great, but I get too bored with eyes to leave them in for very long at a time.

Mally Lee is wearing those big palazzo pants with the black turtleneck she borrowed from Lyon, and woooooooooooow--is that ever a fabulous combination. *happy sigh*

Looks like you are being invaded by dollies! Dolls everywhere!

I love that feathery wig on the second picture. So nice. Where did you get it?

That's a Darkmothflame raccoon-fur wig! I can't recommend her enough. And it looks SO good on Atsumori, doesn't it? *pets him*

oh oh oh a tiny. Lovessssss.

yesyesyesYES!!! He's so reserved and dubious . . . and his right hand is sculpted in "Live Long and Prosper" pose, no kidding! lollllllllllll

Cham Sae looks so tiny in Malleys arms ... what a little sweetie pie.
I think the twins are superior ... love her dress!

You neeeeeeeeeeed a Namoo!! For one thing, mine needs clothes! And really, he's a completely fabulous tiny--I'm impressed with the quality of the resin, and the jointing is just WOW.

Isn't that a cute outfit on Sister-chan? I've been waiting for spring to think about making an appearance, so that I could pull it out and not feel horribly out of season. I think the first tornado watch of the year is probably the signal I needed . . .

Who IS Cham Sae? He's fantastic!!

Mally... um, I will not fuck with her. She has some mama-bear in her that I didn't see before, and as if she wasn't powerful enough before, um, I know not to come within resin's reach when she's got a cutie in her arms. Eep.

I heart the twins. So much.

Kit? Apparently can rock any look.

Yeeeaahhhhhh, who knew that Mama Bear was in there? I was deeply surprised when I plopped the little guy on her lap, and suddenly she looked all fierce and protective . . . no wonder Atsumori is sitting on the other side of the room looking puzzled.

Cham Sae is a Pipos Namoo, and GAW (to quote tubbysnuggles) is he ever terrific! Skeptical about most things, great poser, AND comes with a second, even more skeptical-looking, sleeping head. I can't see having an army of tinies, but then most of them lean pretty hard in the Teeth-Aching Cuteness direction.

The twins and Kit are all pissed that I didn't get out the tripod and, you know, take decent pictures of them. *sigh*

Cham Sae looks so lifelike in that last photo... wow, I've never seen a doll quite like him before. The twins look great. You have such an interesting collection of dolls, I love looking at pictures of them. I'm sure I've said that before, it's just that I'm always very struck by the interesting characters you have there.

Cham Sae is my first venture into Tinyland; he'll probably be my last, too, unless Piposdoll comes up with an equally characterful girl to match him. But I'm so glad I decided to give in to the impulse and buy him! Finally, a doll who's small enough to smuggle around in my work bag . . .

And these pictures are so awful I really shouldn't have posted them, but I was in such a dry spell that I had to break it somehow. *hugs* and thank you, because I think the characters in these resin faces are what make the hobby worthwhile!

Hmmmmm . . . YES!! Yes to Mama Bear and the new little one in the first picture, yes to Atsumori who is forever a puzzle and looks great in that wonderful wig, yes to your amazing amazing TWINS, yes to the blond goodness of Kit, and finally . . . YES yes to little Cham Sae!! Who (doll company) makes this little one Pipos Namoo??? Got a website to link me to? I really like that he has small eyes!! MOre please . . .

oooooooo, I'm HAPPY to enable!!! Piposdoll is an independent Korean company; they sell these little guys through both DollnDoll and NotDoll. I bought mine from NotDoll, and I'm thoroughly impressed with ND's service and friendliness--they answered a bunch of questions for me on their message board and by e-mail, and in the end I got my package within a week of placing the order, can you believe it? Here's a direct link to the Pipos section on the NotDoll site:


Oiya, but his eyes are just perfection ... the shape of them I mean. Skeptical, professorial ... these words have already been used, right? Well, if not, they should have been. Also reserved. I suspect he doesn't let just anybody in. In fact, I suspect he could even give Moly a run for the money.

I'm soooo glad you hit the "submit" key!!!!

Isn't he a dour little love? I adore the the big-eyed puppy cuteness that grouchy Yo-SDs (such as celticgeekess's Ichii) manage to emanate, but I think these proportions will suit me much better. Now, to find some clothes for him . . . he does fit into Kelly tops, but I don't dare put him in lavender ruffly shirts with sparkly stars . . .

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