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Nature Girl . . . SO not.
Sasha Blaze
Just back inside from doing some nasty yard work (digging the rotted dead leaves out of both storm drains). What am I doing with a big yard, when I don't even like to be outdoors--unless it's sitting at a nice sidewalk cafe sipping something bubbly?

Plus, the sun is too bright for me, with my totally nonexistent photography skillz, to be able to take decent pictures. Bah.

But, for what it's worth . . . these are the printed jeans from that SoulDoll outfit with the grrrrrrr teeny neck. Sleeveless turtleneck from a Y!J outfit, can't remember the seller's name.

I want lunch! Off to see what I can forage.
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Nature girl....so not !!!!! Indeedy!


(What would the in-decent pictures be like??!! hehehe!)

LOL! Well, hmmm. (A) they would be nude. (B) they would be in focus.

I guess we're just indoor cats, at my house. All of us. ;-)

Oops! I meant that he's so not a Nature 'girl' !! All guy that one.
And I think your photos are great - I really like outdoor shots and I don't see anything wrong with these.

Aw, thanks--and nope, no girl there . . . :-)

I wish we could have a nice overcast afternoon tomorrow, because I'd like to take another run at some pictures of him in the twiggy just-leafing-out bush.

Those are sexy jeans! Wow! I love those!!!

He looks great!

The jeans pretty much make up for the fact that the coordinating top from that SoulDoll outfit is COMPLETELY FRICKING UNUSABLE. The neck isn't even big enough to go over a Unoa head, and I'm not convinced it would stretch around any 60cm BJD's neck anyway. Must wheedle my sewing friend L. into cobbling together some kind of back-neck opening for me.

I think they expect you to remove the heads off the dolls to get some of their outfits on. Sometimes they do that unfortunately. :/

Oh, I'm quite sure that's what they expect--and Volks T-shirts are notorious for the same kind of itty-bitty neck. What's making me crazy is that I knew this about Souldoll knit tops! I once had a printed turtleneck for Claudine that I could barely squeeze over her head, and I sold it because it drove me nuts. I hate to split up this outfit, though, plus I really like the top (not for Kanbei, but for one of the "younger" boys). Someone will be able to concoct a back closure for me, I'm sure.

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