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Pretty light today! Prepare for picspam.

It is most definitely spring: thunderstorms again in the forecast for tonight, then rain mixed with snow tomorrow morning. I'm slowly making progress with jobs that I put off in January and February: sorting books and admitting that many of them need to go to the public library's book sale; finally taking the two carloads of recycling down to the city collection point; finishing some small knitting projects that have been hanging around, in order to make mental room for the more difficult ones that I want to tackle again.

And taking somewhat more decent pictures.

I didn't get shots of everyone today, but here's a start. Miss Mally in a beautiful necklace by the_impassive:

Flynn got first dibs on the MP Frisco eyes and fabulous CH jeans that zagzagael sent us; he really is a cool surfer dude at heart.

Pen is such a good big brother . . .

Poor Kit never did get a proper introductory photoshoot, but I'll try to make up for that piecemeal. Here's a start--note the extremely nifty necklace, also by the_impassive:

And finally, Lyon tries on a different sort of look. Unchaining the warlock within? Maybe.

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