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Pretty light today! Prepare for picspam.
Sasha Blaze
It is most definitely spring: thunderstorms again in the forecast for tonight, then rain mixed with snow tomorrow morning. I'm slowly making progress with jobs that I put off in January and February: sorting books and admitting that many of them need to go to the public library's book sale; finally taking the two carloads of recycling down to the city collection point; finishing some small knitting projects that have been hanging around, in order to make mental room for the more difficult ones that I want to tackle again.

And taking somewhat more decent pictures.

I didn't get shots of everyone today, but here's a start. Miss Mally in a beautiful necklace by the_impassive:

Flynn got first dibs on the MP Frisco eyes and fabulous CH jeans that zagzagael sent us; he really is a cool surfer dude at heart.

Pen is such a good big brother . . .

Poor Kit never did get a proper introductory photoshoot, but I'll try to make up for that piecemeal. Here's a start--note the extremely nifty necklace, also by the_impassive:

And finally, Lyon tries on a different sort of look. Unchaining the warlock within? Maybe.


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Nice shots, Cynthia! Lyon definitely looks like the warlock... the hawt, smexy warlock... W00t! He can work his magic on me ANYTIME!

I was just amazed that that wig worked so well on him, because I HATE his straight black default wig . . . go figure. Now I'm in the mood to get out his default outfit with all the trailing wraps and stuff, and gussy him up. ;-)

Pretty in pink . . . that's the thought that came to mind when I saw lovely Ms. Mally. And I think your surfer dude Flynn looks terrific as always! Nice to see your Hound . . . it's been a while! ;)

It's time for some pink and for some surfer vibe, too!! Winter has hung on quite long enough, if you ask me. ;-)

Yup, Hounds deserve all the photo time they can get. I've been neglecting my duty . . .

GREAT pics!
Such pretty pretty boys, and I love those earthy colors on Kit.

Souldoll really nailed that outfit Kit's wearing--I had my doubts about the sparkly jeans, but they do work somehow. (And it was enough of a job to wrestle the T-shirt over his big head that he'd better be happy wearing it for quite a while!)

GAH, I love your avatar picture here! The Jin/Jun Union police are gonna come after you, though. ;-)

Hehehe, Alain can fight them off with his icy glare of death!

yow!!!!! lookit LYON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the impassive's jools are really awesome. **i wonder if she can make me an egyptian horus pendant...**

See? Didn't I tell you? I'm so surprised--I truly thought I didn't like black wigs on Lyon at all, and long black wigs even less, but . . . hmmmm. (It's because this is a CH wig. CH wigs are magic.)

I love what Bel is doing--Atsumori is all decked out in that big double-chain necklace, only I think I'll have to transfer it over to Lyon. Poor Atsu just isn't quite cool enough to carry off statement jewelry.

Such amazing photos of so many lovelies Cynthia *!*

Hurray for some pretty light !*!*!

It's a good thing I grabbed the light while I could, because today is weeeeeeeeeird and gray, somewhere between spring and winter. Yuck.

I'm close to having a couple of sweaters for you to look at--I'll send you pictures when they're ready to be modeled!

Pen is so very sweet looking. Hmmm, I can't keep up with your gang I think. Pretty light so works!

I'm not keeping up with my gang very well, either. I, er, THINK there are thirteen now, counting tiny Cham Sae. It's a little frightening . . .

(Deleted comment)
I'm such an eye junkie--I'm always on the hunt for a new color or style. Kit and Pen are the tough ones: they just don't want to focus on anything. I suppose I need to do some eye beveling one of these days, *sigh*.

I do love pink. I just bought living-room chairs that I'm officially calling "faded barn red," but they're really raspberry pink, wheeeee. So nice to be old enough not to feel the need to appear cool by having minimalist beige furniture!

Mally's necklace is really neat!

(sent you a question about the swap box btw...)


Yup, Mally sorta demands jewelry . . . and so does Oneesan (just wait and see!). Mally got this necklace because Oneesan appropriated another one that wasn't supposed to be hers. *sigh* The effort it takes to keep them all happy.

Okay, LJ ate my first comment, then took two hours to confess!? I'm not sure I can manage the pure wit and whimsy of the first again. *coughcough*

But, Isolate Pal-o-Mine, seeing your lovelies does me so much good (particularly Mally Lee, but don't tell the others). Pen has this look of "does it still wet?" on his face that is priceless.

I'm guessing you're okay with the two-part body? Or no? I think you mentioned wee-sized clothes at one point? Go peruse your local Wal-Mart (or equivalent) and see if there are any suitable Baby Bratz things ... if he fits Kelly, he should fit these. There is also Mary-Lee, who makes a fine set of jeans that should fit him.

The process of clearing out here has me focussing on selecting your trade item for that rusty elven wonder that now graces Odelle. But which size? Which gender? O the possibilities.

And how would you feel about coming over and helping me pick and put? I think it would make the whole process hugely more fun for me!! Maybe even for you ... tea ... scones ... jam ... clotted cream? Tempting??

Can I come over too? I'll bring some jam and scones and wine!!

Absolutely, more hands makes for faster work, which means we can get to noshing even sooner!!

I'm ON THE WAY. And I have a very nice oat scone recipe to contribute to the festivity!

LJ is so very, very strange sometimes--and it has some sort of radar for the wittiest and most profound comments, which it selectively consumes for . . . hmmmm, black-magic rituals?

I am delighted to report that I'm perfectly fine with the two-part Namoo body; the joint is in the right place for good posing, yay! And Pen has a history of finding himself saddled with small brothers, so he tends to wear that bemused and worried expression quite a lot. Cham Sae is mortally offended at the idea that he might still wet, of course. (I think that's a photoshoot waiting to happen, heh.) And I did my best to scour Wal-Mart--the only place in town, grrrr--for Bratz and even Kelly things, but alas, they cut back both the toy section and the craft section to nearly nothing during the last remodel. I might have time to stop by Target in Topeka on Saturday, if the meeting I'm going to finishes on time. And there's no law that says Cham Sae can't go along, in a suitable pencil box . . .

Oh, Kit, be still my heart. I love him so much. I'm so excited that he's wearing that necklace!

Lyon = unrecognizeable. Wow.

Pen looks lovely, and SO awesome in that sweater.

Mally rocks as always. She looks a little calmer today, at least. Whew. Girl needs a break. Must be the calming guidance of the iolite. :)

I have great faith in the power of the iolite! Also, someone was kind enough to take the baby off Mally's hands, so I think she's secretly relieved . . .

(Amusing sight, though I can't convince the camera to focus on it: Sejong holding the wee one on his lap. They have identically displeased expressions.)

Yeaaaaahhhh, I need to fiddle with this long-black-wig business on Lyon a little more often! And now that I've discovered AnotherSpace fur wigs, Kit has many more options, too; for some reason, AnotherSpace fits his bulgy head better than any other wig maker. That lapis necklace is SO totally his that I almost hate to try it on anybody else. ;-)

Wonderful photos :)
Lyon looks so sexy, wow :D

Awww, thank you! Yeah, Lyon does the God of Hotness thing really, really well when I give him the chance--bad me for not indulging him more often. ;-)

Yay! Those jeans are sheer bjdluv. Customhouse, hands down, does the best bjd accouterment work ever. Their wigs are divine. And those jeans - I had never seen anything like them. So glad you and the boy are pleased!

Thanks for the trade, dear one.

Wonderful pix! We need - yes NEED - more Lyon!

Those CH jeans are even better than Flynn's default CH jeans, and I didn't think that was possible. Perfect, perfect, perfect. And the eyes suit him so well--he does best in these sea-green sorts of colors, but I didn't have many choices for him. (Also, note the pendant on Lyon, which was such a lovely surprise . . . hurray for trades!)

And it will not surprise you that Lyon's Dionysian tresses are, yes, a CH wig. Sheer delight.

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