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Eye/wig combo question: opinions wanted!
Sasha Blaze
I'm feeling frustrated. I have a wine AnotherSpace wig that suits Kit the Mui right down to the ground, but I don't like any of the eye colors I've tried with it. Brown is dull; blue seems too bright; green is just too darn Christmasy; Kit's default red ones are a bit more Gojyoesque than I have in mind for him.

Maybe my problem is that I don't have any gray eyes in 18mm that I really love, hmm.

So, tell me: what color eyes do YOU like with wine wigs? Pictures will be more than welcome.

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I liked Leeda in her Olive Green eyes with the wine.

Oh, yeeeeeeah, that's pretty!!! All the greens I have are too bright, I think--I have some darker olive ones on the way, so that might be the answer.

Lovely Leeda. *sigh*

I think grey would also be quite nice!

That's what I'm sort of thinking . . . hmmmm, maybe it's time for some shopping? ;-)

Gray, either light or the dark, almost black ones.
But, Julian has been known to wear peach eyes with his wine wig....they are so small though (14mm) that they aren't glaringly peachy.

See, that's the problem with Kit--his eyes are so big that there's no way to fudge startling colors. They just don't make thick enough eyelashes . . . ;-)

I like using a golden/yellow colour with wine wigs -

Oh my ... utterly riveting! Please, which golden yellows are these?

Thanks! They're just the Hypermaniac defaults. She wears them most of the time. I've changed her eyes a few times but no other eyes ever seem to suit her and I always replace them with these quite quickly.

Oh, beautiful!!! I have a pair of yellowish 18mm hazels that I'll try . . . and if those aren't golden enough, I've wanted an excuse to order some Soom Nightflowers, heh heh heh.

Mmmm, Gojyo. :9

/useless comment

Actually, I think the Mystics Modern Gray would look really nice? Or perhaps the Gumdrops Wolf Gray, though I haven't seen that one as often. I do like that golden/yellow suggestion, though. Good luck! ^^

Hee! Actually, I'm a Hakkai-obsesso, but I can certainly appreciate Gojyo's appeal. ;-)

Modern Gray is a fabulous idea--I have Dandy Gray, but that isn't quite the right shade for this wig. Time to spend some money!

Hahaha, I do love Hakkai, but I have a thing for loud-mouth redheads. XD

Yeah, Dandy Gray is what Jian Mei (up in my icon) wears. But from what I've seen, the Modern Gray actually looks...gray. ^^; I hope you can find the right color! ^_^

Cyn, eyes are so not my speciality, I'm afraid. I feed on the discoveries of others in this department. Lyn's olive eyes are comfortingly warm (see, I never would have thought that), they draw me in. And dollseye's are like startling magic with no small hint of reserve and distance in them.

Grey would be lovely, but my gut feeling is you'd have to find the perfect perfect grey to express the depth I think Kit needs.

Maybe Kit has his "social" eyes and his "hermit" eyes? ;)

Oh, most definitely he has eyes for himself and eyes for the world . . . wigs, too! And I agree: greys are tricky, at the best of times. All the more reason to buy more eyes, eh?

Isn't it fun to see what ideas people have for combinations? I knew I'd get some nifty suggestions if I threw out the question.

Hmmm, I really like the mixed eye colors from Masterpiece. There's grey/ blue/violet/hazel that are just stunning with Kane's blood and chocolate wig. And Teakwood is amazing. You might want to look at those.

Heeeeyyyyy! I have a pair of 14mm Teakwood--I can use those to try out the color, even though they're too small for real use. And I was only waiting for a good reason to order the grey/blue/violet/hazel, yay . . .

Really read thru this post as I too have never had luck with the wine wigs and others use them so well.
Never would have thought of Olive ... I like them a lot!!!

Don't people have great ideas? *loves the flist*

By the way, we need to talk about these yummy Lolly-tops that are appearing on Sher's girls--I have several pairs of grabby resin hands that are bored with their current wardrobes. ;-)

yeahh i'm loving the olive... the deeper (muddier but not in a bad way) greens........

and I do like the soom "soft black" eyes I have in siobhan with that wine wig. I'd call them grey, so, yeah, grey would be good too.

Soft black, yeah!! The only Soom grey I have is spottedgrey, and that's a little light for Kit (he can look scary pretty easily in light-colored eyes). *adding soft black to the wish list*

Gray, hazel or light browns. The wine really is a hard color to match, but I would have to see the hue to really say THAT was the right one, you know what I mean?

Oh, yeah--of course it all depends on the particular wig and the particular eyes! That's why it's so interesting to see pictures of actual combinations, as well as get general suggestions.

I like and have used golden yellow colored eyes, grey colored eyes, and burgundy colored eyes with wine colored hair. ^_________^

Ahhhhhhh, burgundy--what colors/makes of true burgundy eyes do you have? Every time I think I'm buying burgundy, they turn out to be (ack!) hot pink when I open the package. :-(

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