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For Lyn, because she asked
Sasha Blaze
Apologies for the flash--it was the only way I could convince the camera to focus today. *sigh* The twins, decked out in semi-formal winter kimono (both sets by gofuku_ohnoya):

I think they've almost decided to answer to the most ancient of legendary Japanese names: Izanami and Izanagi. Nami (Her) and Nagi (Him) for short. Not that familiarity is especially welcome, mind you.

Though there's also Amaterasu and Susa-no-o. Hrm.

I'm having a lot of hand and wrist pain right now, so I'm trying to stay off the keyboard as much as I can--the_impassive, I saw that meme tag, and I'm not ignoring it, cross my heart.

And, finally, I have two things that I'd like to rehome. First, a pair of 18mm EDs in dark teal, color #35 (http://www.silent-r.com/shop/images/regular/R35.jpg). Second, a pair of copper/brown Volks sunglasses (like these: http://www.volksusa.com/acjbsd0504.html). If you'd like either one, please leave me a comment; $55 for each, shipped anywhere.

ETA: yes, I should have removed the basting threads on the haori before I took this picture, but they're so decorative that I really hate to. A pox on authenticity.

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No matter what you name them, or more accurately what names they will deign to answer to, they will always be Oneesan and Otoutochan to me.

Thank you for the pics!

(Kiele wants Shunshou spam...)

And I still call 'em Kanan and Gonou when they aren't paying attention. ;-)

Now I'm on the hunt for a pretty spring kimono for Oneesan, because this one is looking SO wintry by now. Y!J, here I cooooooommmmmme . . .

Shunshou deserves some pictures, 'deed he does. Must add that to the list!

So, um ... how do you think those sunglasses might look on UniHunk?? I'm thinking way cool. Are they still in your possession??

This naming thing has gone on for a while, hasn't it ... they haven't been terribly susceptible to all the options you've presented. Personally, I like the names. But I suppose, more to the point, do they?

The garb? Oh, yes.

Oh, I'm thinking VERY cool--these sunglasses need an angular, strong face, or else a fairly large head. Kit thinks he's Da Bomb in them, but really he just looks a little silly . . . I'll grab a picture later today and e-mail it to you, so you can see what you think.

I think I'm never going to solve the name problem for these two, that's what I think. *sigh* It's okay; they can be incognito if they want to be. ;-)

I actually really like the idea of these two as being the cosmic, almost *conceptual* Twins -- without need of names, but willing to clothe themselves in archetypes when they step down to interact with us mere mortals ;>

(And I *love* Izanami and Izanagi as their most common use-names!)

-- A :D

Ooooo, YES!!! See, a philosophical way around the problem--that's what I needed!

And, of course, the Twins are saying to each other (in Japanese) "Interact? When did we agree to interact with anyone, much less humans?"

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