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For Lyn, because she asked

Apologies for the flash--it was the only way I could convince the camera to focus today. *sigh* The twins, decked out in semi-formal winter kimono (both sets by gofuku_ohnoya):

I think they've almost decided to answer to the most ancient of legendary Japanese names: Izanami and Izanagi. Nami (Her) and Nagi (Him) for short. Not that familiarity is especially welcome, mind you.

Though there's also Amaterasu and Susa-no-o. Hrm.

I'm having a lot of hand and wrist pain right now, so I'm trying to stay off the keyboard as much as I can--the_impassive, I saw that meme tag, and I'm not ignoring it, cross my heart.

And, finally, I have two things that I'd like to rehome. First, a pair of 18mm EDs in dark teal, color #35 ( Second, a pair of copper/brown Volks sunglasses (like these: If you'd like either one, please leave me a comment; $55 for each, shipped anywhere.

ETA: yes, I should have removed the basting threads on the haori before I took this picture, but they're so decorative that I really hate to. A pox on authenticity.
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