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A little fun with the camera
Sasha Blaze
Such an uninspired day. The pretty dollies always get me going, though . . .

These are Dollmore 14mm eyes--I was (pleasantly) surprised by the eerie undersea glow. The other colors I ordered are less interesting, dangit.

These are, of course, skeptical Pen and sullen Kit, whose profiles caught my eye as they sat side by side this afternoon. Yum.

The hands are still bothering me quite a lot, but not so much that I couldn't, er, place a bid on an eBay auction that ends tonight. Wish me luck, I guess . . . or else send me lots of "you wouldn't have bonded with that one anyway" vibes. On a totally different subject: Vietnamese hot chili sauce? Nummy, and very good at jazzing up diet food (not that I'm actually, you know, losing any weight, bleah). I like living in a town with sizable southeast Asian and Latin American populations, yes I do.

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I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love this lady and wanted to know who she is. I guess I now have a journal or something. It is blank right now. I think I started one just so I could ring your door bell. Hope you hands are felling better and that the ebay item comes your way. Remember ....what's meant to be will be..

Lookit YOU!!!! Yay, I'm so glad you're all LJ'd up--

I thought about you all afternoon, but did I get the e-mail written? *whapping self* Any chance you'd be in the mood for a play date this week or next? I'll bring Mally Lee so you can meet her (she's a Dollmore Model Bella Auden, by the way)--

I'm always up for a play day But Tuesday and Wednesday are taken. I would love to meet Mally Lee. maybe you can show me what I do with a live journal.

I'm tied up on Tuesday and Friday--how about Thursday? I need to be back here by 3:30 for a chiropractor appointment, but we could play early--

Sound good to me

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