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Newsflash: I love my BJDs.
Sasha Blaze
Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small . . .

This wig isn't quite what I had in mind for Cham Sae, but the color is getting there. Clothes courtesy of Juniper Snowpea, who kindly took pity on a guy in wardrobe distress. Now, if I could just get the hang of focusing on him clearly . . .


Happy happy joy joy to everybody whose Jace is in the house or nearly so! *jumping up and down*
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Great combination of elegant cuteness and love. They all look very lovely, the large and the small :)

*blinded by the amazing Decadent beauty of that userpic*

Aw, thank you! <3

What a girl must go through to keep in peak condition, however we should all look so good going through these motions! Last photo, what a knockout!!! First photo is utter charm (what is going through her head as this heart-rending wee one leans upon her?).

Her brother? Put it this way, drool is polite in comparison. Newsflash: I love your BJDs too!

I wish I weren't convinced that what she's thinking is "Dammit, nobody told me I had to be on the babysitting rota!" ;-)

And Nagi Otouto-san is definitely most comfortable in kimono; he always photographs like a dream, but something about this combination brought out the very, very best in him. *loves*

Nice outfits! And your little one is adorable, of course. Like I needed to tell you that.

Well, in that wig he looks sort of unfortunate . . . but we'll work on it! Also the focusing thing, grrrrrrrrr.

I love seeing powerful women ....!
great photos ! and her brother is just so ...droolworthy!....
the little one is adorable !!

She is so very fierce--I just tried softening her look a little with violet eyes and a cute little girly outfit, but I can't say it's going to be much of a disguise. Some girls are born to be matriarchs, you know?

I truly thought I would never want a Tiny, but Piposdoll has made a totally irresistible one in Namoo. So much personality in that little package!

LOVE that second photo! And Cham Sae is enchanting. I keep hoping to see green_judy's Budle in person someday soon. Agh! It's getting harder and harder to resist the tinies.

Ooooo, thanks--I liked the second one, too! ;-) And ACK, green_judy has a Budle? I need to stalk her . . .

OMG Cham Sae is just the cutest ever! He is quite the wee enabler .. me wantee!
Love the third picture, she lloks so ... fierce!

Oooyeah, "fierce" is the word! We'll see whether my cute-schoolgirl experiment with her is even the least bit convincing . . .

I do truly, TRULY think you'll be thrilled with the quality of Piposdoll's work. Cham Sae is as solid as a little boulder on his feet; I was sort of expecting him to be topheavy and inclined to fall over, but nope. And personality plus, of course!

I adore both of your girls. The beauty with the long braid doing kung fu is divine . . . and the little one Cham Sae is just the cutest little pistol. Lovely lovely photos!! ^_______________^

Oppps sorry . . . I meant to call Cham Sue a boy!! ;P

i love to look at your photos..they bring me to a peaceful place

Now, that's the nicest compliment anybody has ever given me! *hugs*

That last picture of Otoutochan just about gave me palpitations! I love that wig and outfit on him! YUM!

And Oneesan owns it as usual.

(Shunshou!!!! We want Shunshou!)

Oh, man . . . every picture I took of him in that kimono and wig came out JUST. THAT. WELL. That never, ever happens--see, he's magic!

Agh, poor Shunshou--he IS overdue. *scribbling on the to-do list*

Wait till you see Oneesan in her "I'm a kawaiiiiiiiiii schoolgirl!" disguise.

Great pictures!
I really like the first one ^-^

I was so happy that one turned out pretty well--the little one just sort of fell into that pose, and I was clicking like crazy in case he fell over. ;-)

Those sibs are just...gah! C, everytime I see them I have to take a second look - just exotically beautiful. The wig on here is divine!

Sister can wear ANYTHING, absolutely anything. Granted, some wigs look like she's in disguise, but still--there's something interesting about every one of them. I was really regretting this Poshdolls purchase until I tried it on her, and boom. Not going on the trade pile, nuh-uh.

Nami and Nagi looked good in every wig and outfit. Just love them. A big fan here ^_^

Gorgeous pics and Nagi kimonos is simply devine.

Awwwwwwwww, mutual fannishness over here! ^_^

That kimono is by gofuku_ohnoya--such beautiful work, and elegant fabric choices. Now, to find a spring kimono for Sister that works equally well--

Hi! Lovely kimonos! May I ask what doll is the bigger one?

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