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Newsflash: I love my BJDs.
Sasha Blaze
Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small . . .

This wig isn't quite what I had in mind for Cham Sae, but the color is getting there. Clothes courtesy of Juniper Snowpea, who kindly took pity on a guy in wardrobe distress. Now, if I could just get the hang of focusing on him clearly . . .


Happy happy joy joy to everybody whose Jace is in the house or nearly so! *jumping up and down*
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OMG Cham Sae is just the cutest ever! He is quite the wee enabler .. me wantee!
Love the third picture, she lloks so ... fierce!

Oooyeah, "fierce" is the word! We'll see whether my cute-schoolgirl experiment with her is even the least bit convincing . . .

I do truly, TRULY think you'll be thrilled with the quality of Piposdoll's work. Cham Sae is as solid as a little boulder on his feet; I was sort of expecting him to be topheavy and inclined to fall over, but nope. And personality plus, of course!

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