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Newsflash: I love my BJDs.
Sasha Blaze
Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small . . .

This wig isn't quite what I had in mind for Cham Sae, but the color is getting there. Clothes courtesy of Juniper Snowpea, who kindly took pity on a guy in wardrobe distress. Now, if I could just get the hang of focusing on him clearly . . .


Happy happy joy joy to everybody whose Jace is in the house or nearly so! *jumping up and down*
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I've had the day from hell at work (just too much busy stuff, nothing really bad), just got home, checked my mails and you really made me laugh with the Yuppers thing!!!! Thanks for that.

YES it is THE Priest Evan ^_______^;;; I love him to death. Always have. Still hasn't sunk in that he's in my house. I'm treating him like he's a piece of treasure. I've never been this precious with a doll before. He never gets propped up in high places in the garden for photos.... XD


Ahhhhhhhhh, it is so good to see the Priest!! Happy, happy you! And he IS a piece of treasure, of course--one of Custom House's more brilliant inspirations. I actually tried to read the Priest manhwa series in his honor, but I couldn't get past the first volume.

And I feel the same amazement about Flynn, even though he's well ensconced in my household by now. Every now and then I ask him whether he's surprised to be here, but nothing seems to ruffle him very much . . .

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