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Angel, inbound.

Introducing Kyoushi (Volks SD Kyo-Tenshi Kikyou, from the spring 2006 Kyoto Dolpa):

First impressions: I like this SD10 angel body. A lot. It sits up straight, it stands like a rock, and the torso is beautifully sculpted. The arms and hands seem a little too small for the rest of the body, but I can live with that. The Kikyou head is a cutie--stubborn little chin, slight pout, but a hint of mischief in there somewhere. What I don't like is the default faceup: the mouth is gloppy and the cheek blushing is ACK!cotton-candy!pink. Maybe it was fate that I scraped the edge of one eye while prying out the hot glue, and so gave myself an excuse to send the head off for a new faceup someday?

This is a wig from Amelie Tailor and a pair of Special olive with tea ring eyes, by the way. O-tenshi-kun didn't much like his default silver wig and green-gray eyes, because he thought they made him look like a gurrrrrrrrrrrl.

And now, Oneesan in the adorable outfit by batchix that was supposed to be Claudine's. Baby chickie wig by Custom House; charm necklace (also Claudine's) by Emberwilde, a.k.a. tubbysnuggles.

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