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Angel, inbound.
Introducing Kyoushi (Volks SD Kyo-Tenshi Kikyou, from the spring 2006 Kyoto Dolpa):

First impressions: I like this SD10 angel body. A lot. It sits up straight, it stands like a rock, and the torso is beautifully sculpted. The arms and hands seem a little too small for the rest of the body, but I can live with that. The Kikyou head is a cutie--stubborn little chin, slight pout, but a hint of mischief in there somewhere. What I don't like is the default faceup: the mouth is gloppy and the cheek blushing is ACK!cotton-candy!pink. Maybe it was fate that I scraped the edge of one eye while prying out the hot glue, and so gave myself an excuse to send the head off for a new faceup someday?

This is a wig from Amelie Tailor and a pair of Special olive with tea ring eyes, by the way. O-tenshi-kun didn't much like his default silver wig and green-gray eyes, because he thought they made him look like a gurrrrrrrrrrrl.

And now, Oneesan in the adorable outfit by batchix that was supposed to be Claudine's. Baby chickie wig by Custom House; charm necklace (also Claudine's) by Emberwilde, a.k.a. tubbysnuggles.

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Oneesan just helps herself doesn't she? I really love that last picture of her. She's so haughty!

The new one is cute...but WHERE is my Shunshou spam? Kiele is waiting...


Oh, dear . . . Shunshou will get his revenge on me, I'm quite sure. Ulp. ;-)

Erm, yes. The Imperial Goddess tends to think everything belongs to her. The cute fluffy disguise isn't exactly working, is it?

Welcome Kyoushi!! I am so happy for you. Come here, lemme tell you something. *whispers* You may think nothing could top heaven, but now you're really in for a treat. In fact, I'm planning on shrinking myself down to your size, doing that ribbon-wing thing, and buying a bus ticket to Kansas. Who knows ... a girl could get lucky. (What's that you say? Maybe I should buy the bus ticket before I shrink myself down? Good thinking.)

He is exceptionally lovely! THE Volks? Odd that he share similarities with a certain new arrival here. Love that synchronicity!

I so do not want to cross Oneesan, even if she's looking stylish as all get out.

LOL! I love this reply . . . XD

Hee! Of course, the upside to shrinking oneself down before buying the ticket is that the rate would be cheaper . . .

The unexpected problem with adding an SD-sized person to the household is that the SD-sized person requires slightly different clothes than everyone else. *sigh* The world is full of SD13-sized things, but where are the jeans for short-legged SDs when I need them??

And yes, isn't there a friendly cousinly resemblance between your young Elf gentleman and this angelic one? Synchronicity. Syzygy. Mind-meld. ;-)

We do not want to cross Oneesan. No.

SD10 jeans? Hmmmmmm. Say no more!

Open mouthed in awe. Beautiful little angel! Gah. How'd I miss that one? Such a sweet almost sadness, or maybe pensive boy. *lesigh* Yep yep good choice.

Keahi: :::rushing in and running aroun::: new boy new boy :::confetti:::

He's been trailing sadly around DoA for quite a while, not getting bought, and then the seller moved him to eBay--where I decided I'd take a flyer on him. There was some angst early on, but in the end the sale turned out just fine, whew!!

I say "he" because this looks like a boy's face to me, but of course the angel body doesn't commit itself. (Someone on DoA has a Kikyou who goes by "Alice," but I just don't see it.) Jeans are a real problem--short little SD legs combined with blocky SD body, eepers!

::catching confetti as it floats by::

Welcome home to a new angel. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these dolls! Yours is gorgeous and wonderful and perfect! Congrats!

Somehow I can imagine this one looking up at your imposing sentries and wondering whether they're really the same species . . . it makes the hierarchies of the angels pretty tangible, eh?

Now, because I'm greedy, I want a Sakaki too. *sigh*

Very nice! Love the batchix outfit! So cute!

Isn't that a darling little set? I was so ready for something springy! ^_^

Gotta say--that userpic absolutely rules. It makes me giggle every time I see it.

I love your new little Angel . . . he's gorgeous. But I had not heard of him . . . Kyoto Dolpa 2006 . . . I suddenly feel like I fell off the radar map. Wouldn't be the first time. *laughs*

Your girl is too pretty for words in her wonderful new Bats outfit!! ;)

He was new to me, too! I knew about Sakaki, when that SD angel was released, but I hadn't kept up with them at all. When I went looking, I found the Kikyou picture in the 2006 SD Encyclopedia, but boy, these kids have stayed pretty well under the radar on DoA. All the more fun to find out more about them! ^_^

*Drools over tummy and pouty lips*
He's beautiful, many congrats!

Those colors are perfect for her, it goes so well with her makeup and eyes.

Volks tummies are truly fabulous! :-)

I was surprised by how well Oneesan took to the soft pink--I love her in red, so I wasn't sure how pastels would work. But it's a pretty nice combo!

He reminds me a lot of Carol and SDC Ren, I shall have to look and see who designed him.

I'm sure Claudine will reclaim her outfit....I have no clue how you keep those two from tearing at each other. Seems like neither one would give in.

The 2006 Super Dollfie Encyclopedia just says Zoukeimura for the sculpt--and no individual credit for the faceup design. I so wanted a little more detail, because yes, there are definitely some family resemblances going on! I even think I see a bit of Arashi, but I can't pinpoint exactly what I'm looking at, hmm.

Heh. Mutually Assured Destruction, that's what we have. Claudine has claimed the mantelpiece, and Oneesan is queen of the east living-room wall. With the boys occupying the buffer zone, of course.

There he is! He's absolutely beautiful. I agree, he's reminiscent of Carol (and I love me some Carol!!!) I think it's the mouth and the expression, because the strong jaw & the eyes certainly aren't Carolesque.

He's sweet as all get-out.

Unlike Oneesan, who wants to pull my hair. She's awesome, though.

Hair, nothing. Oneesan wants to cut your head off. Only the restraining presence of her kinder, gentler brother is holding her back.

I'm just saying.

Angelboy is certainly growing on me! And in my mind's ear, I can hear the conversation he's having with Kit the somewhat unsuccessful demon . . .

Eeep! I'd end up in one of Sejong's bags!!!

"Somewhat unsuccessful demon" - the images those words just gave me, while very Douglas Adams, are endless and awesome.

Kyoushi is really cute :D :D
Oneesan is just the coolest, I love her expression in the last pic :)

Oneesan is glad to know that SOME people recognize her coolness. She doesn't think she gets quite enough worship around here . . .

Isn't Kyoushi a sweetie? Now I need to work on catching the different expressions in this sculpt--he really does seem to be smiling from some angles, but I couldn't get that to show up yesterday.

(Deleted comment)
Heh. Angelboy has now appropriated the Azone dead-rabbit T-shirt (you know the one), which says quite a bit about this little resin personality . . .

Waving madly at you! :-)

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