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Eyes for sale or trade!!
Sasha Blaze
ETA: everything is either spoken for or staying put (er, Angelboy likes the teal ones)--thanks!

Doing a small clear-out again . . .

Enchanted Doll #35, 18mm (low dome): $55 shipped anywhere
Enchanted Doll #30, 18mm (high dome): $55 shipped anywhere
Gumdrops Antiquity, 12mm (standard): $50 shipped anywhere

Pictures in Claudine, Kyoushi, and Atsumori behind the cut, along with my wishlist for trades. C'mon, somebody, pleeeeeeeeease have what I'm looking for, *sniffle* *whine*!

18mm ED #35, dark teal:

18mm ED #30, bright olive:

12mm Gumdrops Antiquity:

Would love to trade for any of these:

18mm Gumdrops in Wolf Gray
18mm Mystics in Modern Gray
16mm ED #16 or 16mm Mystics in #16 Coffee Bean or 16mm Gumdrops in Root Beer
14mm, 16mm, or 18mm Gumdrops in Stormy Blue
14mm, 16mm, or 18mm Mystics in S49 Sea Green
14mm, 16mm, or 18mm Gumdrops in Color of Money
14mm, 16mm, or 18mm Mystics in 903 Moss Green

Or dangle something pretty in front of me, hmmm?

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See now, iffin I'd known you had pretty gumdrops in Kiele's size I would have horse traded for them.

Not sure I have anything you want though... TensiYa fur wig for Lyon or Atsu? Corsets for Oneesan? You know I have lots of stuff...

Hangeth thee on--I have somebody who may want the pink 'uns, but if she decides against, I'll poke you. (And I didn't have pretty gumdrops until Monday's mail--these are from the January preorder, just got here. Lovely. PINK. Gah.)

DEEEEEEEEEVIL DUCKIE!!! Dang, I can just see Kyoushi the Angelboy toting one of thse around . . .

There are pics of Kiele with her duckie minion in my LJ...she thinks Shunshou should go see. ^_^

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