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Now this is more like it.
Sasha Blaze
Indoor cats, that's what we are.

Confession first, though. I just committed the ultimate act of BJD neglect--I left Kanbei standing up while I ducked back over to the computer, only for a second, honest. And of course he did a full-length faceplant on my (hardwood) living-room floor the second I went out of reach. When my heart started beating again, I could see that there wasn't any real damage: no scratches or nicks on his face, and only a small flake of resin off the inside of his right pinky finger. (Or is that just bad sanding from Volks? I've been handling him so gingerly that I really hadn't looked that closely at his hands. hmmm.) But never again. Never, never, never.

And while I was just now typing that paragraph, he flung himself backwards off the table next to me. I caught him before he crashed, but . . . WTF? Do I have a suicidal BJD here? Is this my punishment for naming him Kanbei? (As the mecha-nobuseri leader says in episode 15 of Samurai 7, right after the first clash with Kanbei and his six motley ronin: "Those are the eyes of a dead man.")

Oh, no, you don't. Onto the nice soft WIDE couch with you, buddy.

Moving right along. Before I was so rudely interrupted by flying SD16s, I was about to say that I've been having fun with pashminas this afternoon. Grazie mille to the_impassive for the concept of D baldness.

And, to give not-quite-equal time to Kanbei-sama (DOOOOOOM):

I really like this one:


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oh, I like all the photos, but especially the last one! Just the hint of his eye, makes me wonder just what is he thinking about? (yeah I know, bjds don't think, but great photos make you wonder about it)

Suicide. He's thinking about suicide. DOOOOOOOOM

Hee! And thanks--every now and then point-and-shoot produces a nice image.

He looks good bald! Some dolls just DO. and some, like ghaleon, look like scary extras from Dark City. XD That clawed hand makes me want him to hold it up and go, "CURSES~ FOILED AGAIN!"

We can do that, and we probably will . . . :-)

Sometimes I like Pen bald, but his ears are a little weird. The others, fuhgeddaboutit.

So beautiful!!!

I love that last shot of Kanbei, too.

I wish I hadn't washed out his resin color so much, though--I think it's beautiful, and I'm not capturing it very well in any pictures so far. Another time, another photo session.

Love Kanbei's pants...rrrooowwwwrrrr! ^_~

Aren't those fabulous? SoulDoll always uses the best fabrics--I would love to follow their outfit designers around when they're shopping.

He looks great in purple!

And my SD16 flies all over the place too. I think many of the Volks have a tendacy to throw themselves around in hissy fits. Little spoiled brats. :/

That's actually a relief . . . at least I don't have a terminally depressed BJD on my hands, he's just being true to his, um, resin. *snorfle*

Now that I think about it, the other one who hurls himself backward all the time is my 60cm Narin--and they both have that little flange thingy on their backs that's supposed to help them sit upright. Hmmmmmm. Some reengineering might not be a bad idea here.

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