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Now this is more like it.

Indoor cats, that's what we are.

Confession first, though. I just committed the ultimate act of BJD neglect--I left Kanbei standing up while I ducked back over to the computer, only for a second, honest. And of course he did a full-length faceplant on my (hardwood) living-room floor the second I went out of reach. When my heart started beating again, I could see that there wasn't any real damage: no scratches or nicks on his face, and only a small flake of resin off the inside of his right pinky finger. (Or is that just bad sanding from Volks? I've been handling him so gingerly that I really hadn't looked that closely at his hands. hmmm.) But never again. Never, never, never.

And while I was just now typing that paragraph, he flung himself backwards off the table next to me. I caught him before he crashed, but . . . WTF? Do I have a suicidal BJD here? Is this my punishment for naming him Kanbei? (As the mecha-nobuseri leader says in episode 15 of Samurai 7, right after the first clash with Kanbei and his six motley ronin: "Those are the eyes of a dead man.")

Oh, no, you don't. Onto the nice soft WIDE couch with you, buddy.

Moving right along. Before I was so rudely interrupted by flying SD16s, I was about to say that I've been having fun with pashminas this afternoon. Grazie mille to the_impassive for the concept of D baldness.

And, to give not-quite-equal time to Kanbei-sama (DOOOOOOM):

I really like this one:

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